Confidence is result of ability to think for yourself and assuredness of your abilities and discernment.

Confidence is linked to knowledge and experiences in your life. Confidence relies on a particular set of skills to discern truth from lie. Lack of knowledge will cripple your confidence in self. Knowledge put into practice raises your self esteem.

Depression is often result of lack of confidence in self.

This affects ability to take appropriate action simply due to lack of trust in people around you. When you have absolute trust in someone, no matter the physUnderstanding confidence is advanced level of  discernmentical distance between you your confidence will soar. Because someone has taken the time to read you for who you are.

“Taken the time to support you while you connect with the hidden meanings written within your spirit consciousness that connects to universal consciousness.”

Society is set up to work against your best interests. It is only interested in itself as a group. Society is an institution that controls its people. It controls them by making people conform to rigid thinking. Ancient spiritual teachers were well aware of that. Many created followers not empowered souls.

Some created leaders. Each leader uncovered their unique skills. They uncovered awareness through living their word. They walked their talk.

You can only have confidence when you walk your talk.

If you do not walk your talk, you are undervaluing what you are capable of. When you take action in what you believe fear fear turns to triumph.

People with low confidence are always in self defence. They tend to talk over you. They think they are being clever and all knowing. While deep down they are fighting the truth. Truth is most people find themselves doing that with their friends and lovers thinking they have to do. They compete with information they deem to be right. Reality is; this shows your deep insecurities. Or you would not engage in argument.


The only way to have confidence is to be around people who want to build new environment with you. In this environment they want to collaborate and coordinate new beginnings. These beginnings include new ways of living. These include health of body, mind, emotions, finances, home etc. When you live the life you always knew is your path.  It’s the legacy you want to leave behind. A path to living life filled with loving wealthy lifestyle. Surrounded by like minded people.

You will never be sidetracked when you can see the world for what it is.

Anyone who tells you that confidence is result of taking your clothes off. Having anything goes sex will be ridiculous. Premature ejaculation & erectile issues, providing these are not medical issues are result of low opinion of some aspect of your life. Dangers of overconfidence must be considered when assessing one’s own confidence or that of colleagues and intimate partners.

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