Fear is influencing you in every area of life. Fear  in your relationships. Fear of missing out on pleasures of life.

Time and thought are route of fear. This creates anxiety. Then the anxieFearty becomes our first relationship. Fear of rejection failure uncertainty are all part of everyday life. Humans have learned to compromise and give in. This leaves them living only as part human. Another part remains on the sidelines, afraid to reveal itself. Afraid of being judged and possibly rejected. These fears create worry about what you  may be missing out on.

These fears prevent people from doing new things. Fear of being different prevents change.

Fear of change is the standard of almost all of society.

There are a number of reasons why we are afraid of change. There is something you can do about that. Living as part of you is draining your energy. Reality is; there are over 7 billion people in this world. The few that will judge you for wanting to live as complete being will be replaced by people with courage and compassion.

They will reflect your new standards. The people who previously judged you will now seek you out for your guidance. They just did not understand that being all of you is a choice that brings about pleasant change.

1. Fear of being rejected by current friends and family.

Adapting to new ways of being with friends is one of the reasons people give up before they begin.

  1. Friends and family have an image of who you are.
  2. how they want you to behave.
  3. Friends may feel awkward trying to adjust to your changes.
  4. Fear of finding new friends that expect more of them

People give up because life they live expects them to live the same life day in day out.

They are happy for you to try something new for a little while then they want the old you back. First time it was something new. The second time it became something old. The third time it became something frustrating. But you still trying to find a diamond in a pile of rotting old garbage. It isn’t there. If it was you would not have looked for it amongst the rubble. Diamonds are found deep – hidden from the public. It takes as dedicated mind to want to dig for diamonds. An ordinary mind is unsustainable – it cannot stay on any path. It allows the forces to throw it around. The it complains about the conditions.

The very thing that promised to enlighten you has enslaved you in just another series of techniques.

Fear can become your liberation.

When you watch it, stay with it – it becomes absolute joy. If you can be with it completely because it is all yours. You have your own brand of unpleasant thoughts that keep you stuck in repeating the same old patterns. To go beyond fear, you need to allow yourself to truly feel it without analysing it.

The only way to observe feel without thought. See it clearly. See how it constantly prevents you from forming new levels of relationships. Only when you step into freedom of observing your actions can you relate to it differently. Once you establish new relationship with fear, all your relationships rise to a new level of understanding.

Greatest fear for most people is fear of being judged.

Being judged for not being a great lover. Judged for not learning latest trends in sex. All searches for techniques come from fear of not measuring up to social norm.

Let go of illusion of acquiring sameness. That is incredibly boring. Sameness does not allow growth or interaction. When you stop thought all you need to know all you need to feel is your ecstasy.


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