confused this is not what you expected

Confused this is not what you expected? ARE you a little confused or perhaps very confused this is not what you expected.

Most people seeking Tantra are genuinely looking to improve their relationships because they confused this is not what you expectedread in new age magazines that promise to take you to heaven of riding the wave of ecstasy.

  • Many natural therapists and yoga teaches are recruited.
  • These are vulnerable people who are just seeking to grow their business. 
  • What is presented out there however is just a ritualised sex service.
  • Like robots everyone is following the same technique adapted to suit the therapist.
  • You are not a robot that needs to follow a manual for sex.
  • What they do not realise is that they are opening Chakras to dark forces of the adult industry that’s just there for it’s own gratification.

Never let someone take down your psychic defences by manipulating your Chakras if they are connecting you to sex.

  • Almost all adult services have now HI – JACKED the word TANTRA. Just for it’s word, turning the most empowering life system into trash. 
  • Made into a spiritual belief system. This allows them to advertise in health magazines & Internet directories under genuine massage therapies or in adult sections placing this remarkable ancient therapy into disrepute.
  • All the while targeting unsuspecting genuine seekers of true feelings. Misrepresenting part of powerful system that they do not understand.

If you came from  sites offering teachings of Tantra that offer sexual techniques. Then there are others that have copied Katie’s content after reading this site.

You would be justified in concluding that Tantra massage is about body slides. Convinced that it’s mutual massage, breath techniques positions as a cloaked way of providing sexual services under the label of Tantra.

Group sex and infidelity has always been around. That is not a healthy way to live. When you get involved in messing with others you are taking valuable spirit energy away from expanding and growing into the powerful being that you came to explore. You.

When you learn sex techniques for the sake of sex you stop growing you become a mimic. Copying what someone tells you. You are no longer authentic.

  • What are they offering, that may come under the label of Neo Tantra. That strips the world of Tantra to purely the bedroom activity.
  • We all know that sexual satisfaction in the bedroom is dependent on how well you know your own body.
  • More importantly on what you do before you arrive in the bedroom.

Confused this is not what you expected if you have just landed on this page;

Now take those sites away then you are left with the real thing to hear Elite Tantra clients experience click here a written version of the recordings shall be made available in the near future.

What’s Next?

Confused this is not what you expected – life needs to be filled with unexpected moments to be worth living.

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