Return to Selfhood

Return to Selfhood to raise your frequencies. Perfect expression of higher consciousness.Return to Self-hood

When you return to selfhood would you can argue a path. It is only when you are bored that you make wrong choices. As you begin to walk the path to you; you learn the basics of Return to selfhood. At that point your relationships begin to make sense.

You can begin to define qualities clearly. develop strong bonds where you are different and equal. Otherwise been the same is like having two left legs. Who needs the same leg twice. You need a right and left leg. this holds up your body. You have two left legs or two right legs; you are a cripple. I hope this makes more sense now.

Join me in returning to selfhood by tuning into your own unique identity.

It’s vital that we take a good look at ourselves and how vulnerable humans are to mass marketing and trying to fit in.

“Look at what the rest of the world is doing and go in the opposite direction.

It is there, in your personal space you meet with own answers that move you from challenges to solutions.”

When we follow the path of innocent liberating creativity; this reawakening of forgotten feelings of you feeling good about yourself take you to the life that matters to you.

  • Many people call me desperately seeking healing of relationships.
  • Sexual exploitation has been prolific in most spiritual centers, just do your own search.
  • When you empower others your own Selfhood is strengthened.
  • When you empower yourself you come closer to your emotional guidance system that brings you closer to the rush of life that fulfils you as a result of making informed choices because your life counts.

There is a new paradigm and new modality of expression raises your frequencies only when you choose your path to Return to Selfhood.

Love and Sex go together there must be Love in any sex act, not just the words. It’s the misrepresentation that concerns me. Return to Selfhood awakens discernment genes.

Return to Selfhood is beyond the thought process. Return to Selfhood is journey of self mastery.  Return to Selfhood is experienced by becoming aware of how you the world around you is reflecting your personal space.

  • Once you know about it then you have a choice. Why am I saying this? 

Yes breath is essential, our focus is on how you connect with the breath. If you focus on the technique you get stuck on concept not feeling. When you meet your breath; then you become the breath.

When you are the breath you become the flow. Everything flows with ease.

  • Te difference is; comparing to a martial artist who connects with the force or just an ordinary person who flails  around.

You ask yourself “what am I doing?” but too embarrassed to be the one asking that obvious question. This is what you can ask here.  The best  part is that you get to hear your own answer from your inner wisdom.

  • Again you are going along with someone else’s idea of what life is about. You step outside of your body and observe yourself.
  • You are sitting in a compromising position, but because everyone else is doing it then it must be right.
  • Time to change that and stop hurting yourself by just being the order follower.

We work together toward your understanding of yourself. Know why you do what you do and how to recognise what is working in your favour and what is working against you.

Begin to develop life skills in relationships and emotional intimacy.

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