Ancient Hawaiian

Ancient Hawaiian philosophy and how it is more relevant today than ever before. Ancient Hawaiian

Ancient Hawaiian belief systems stem from unbreakable link our thoughts and actions have with nature.

By observing nature the Ancient Hawaiians gained understanding of the nature of the human body.

Deep knowledge of this wisdom allows master healer to see inside the human body. Guiding the body and emotions to specific energy shift relieves tension. As tension eases, pain changes to pleasure. Through this energy shift, the person experiences wholeness.

This Shift brings about entirely new awareness resulting in being grounded in the physical body. Like turning on the light in a room. The result is absolute clarity.

Each one of us has the capacity to transform our reality. Free will principal is at the core of Ancient Hawaiian culture. It is so in every Ancient culture throughout the universe. There have always been shaman in every culture including Asia, Africa, American Indian and the middle east. They do not interfere. Free will principal is at all times at the core of their every step.

Ancient Hawaiian fills the space permitting pure unbroken connection.

In this video you can hear a man speaking about Ancient Hawaiian power at work on his life and physical body.

Ancient Hawaiian healers are able to communicate with all elements of nature. Masters of human body healing . Existing in the now is at its core. Like mobile phone; you have to have it turned on and within range in order to receive the signal. Furthermore; when it rings you must answer it to get the message. These days due to voice mails and texts the communication is distorted. These days we live in a permanently invasive environment. Often working and living around people who we tolerate rather than embrace.

Using Ancient Hawaiian principals in life can free you from this social cage of advertising and other social demands that tend to make your soul seek refuge. When your body is under stress of demands from the outside world it is on it’s own. This isolation throws the system into disconnect from itself. The body mind system is struggling and just getting by.

By applying Ancient Hawaiian principals you can begin to open cellular communication.

Creating a positive and beneficial change is reflection of truth that reveals ignorance of truth that is at the core of all conflict. Conflict within our bodies creates diseases in our body. Cells in our body need to re-establish communication amongst themselves. As they do this opens us to relationships with significant links in every aspect of life. To change how you feel you need to change what you are doing. Clarity and ease of transition comes with connection to Ancient Hawaiian principals.





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