Understanding Tantra

Understanding Tantra; Tantra awareness of life beyond this world and how it is part of our lives hear. It is real and depicted all over the temples in India. Remember, this is where tantra originated. 

When you explore your understanding of Tantra, you’ll realise the spirits of gods and goddesses that are living around you. These are present in the food you eat, the words you say. The actions you take and the people you gather around you. These are the Tantric Spirits.

To begin your Understanding Tantra that I do; it’s essential that you research Spandakarikas.

This is the pulse, a throb of the divine within you. This understanding Tantra pulse that everyone can access is also essential for you be able to understand what my clients are Understanding Tantraspeaking about. This is what is going on and this is my expertise. However you need to listen to what have to say without scepticism or you will reject the truth. The book ‘Spanda-Karikas The Divine Creative Pulsation’ (here’s a link) helps you understand that it actually exists. What I do is automatic. It’s natural for me when I touch you, for you to begin to feel these feelings. You do not need to know any of the theory or even the teachings. All you need to know is that it exists for you.

Listen to what my people experienced and allow that to be your possibility.

Understanding Tantra

Understanding Tantra can only come from going beyond the generic knowledge. That means you want to do your own research to expand your Understanding Tantra preconceived ideas.

Understanding Tantra begins to reveal the pulse that resonates within your body and of everything around you and how you are at the center of it all. This eUnderstanding Tantranergy is brought forth when you are aligned with similar standards. Sometimes these feelings are for just that moment. Key is, not to get too attached to repeating the feeling.

As you become more aware of how you connect with your world around you. Your connection to the quality of your life will be revealed in stages. As you continue to develop your relationship to your new awareness. Life takes on new meaning. You find values that you would not compromise when your Understanding Tantra is your first priority. Beliefs change when your understanding and expectations change through personal experiences.

As you continue to connect deeper to your own soul. You begin to recognise that you are your own soul mate. Until we connect to our own destiny love from another seems rather empty. Your partner’s feelings would be unique to him/her according to her soul incarnation and their desire to explore their potential.

There are elements of things we can’t see that are actually there.  Feelings of sexual energy merging within your body that continue to expand to all levels of your life.