Sacred Spot Massage

Sacred Spot Massage Varies From Person to Person.

Over 20 years of Tantra Massage experience, I’ve discovered that location of Sacred Spot Changes.Sacred Spot Massage

When we involve our soul, spirit; our body goes into the no mind state. This is the state of bliss. At this point your entire body becomes your erogenous zone.

Simply because for that time, all time stops. When time stops, there is no division. We as fractured human beings feel the separateness from various parts of our body because we are not connected to our soul. A deeply spiritual man once said that the roots of a tree have a sound that is distinctly different to the sound of the trunk of a tree. Since everything is a vibration, it makes sense that these vibrations emit sounds. Everything in life is a massage of varying degrees. The way we caress our clothes, our face, our pet. All these are forms of massage. Massage is touch in motion.

What if you discovered a massage that has no movement.

When an energy touches you, it continues to caress you inside and out. Like ocean waves or like sitting on the edge of a running stream with your feet being caressed by the movement of the stream. this is also a sacred spot massage. The ripples of this stream flow through your entire body. Because it is not trying to change anything about you. Because the stream is just being the stream.

When all of your body is as one with itself – the Sacred Spot Massage is everywhere.

Stay with me through this new way of being. Remember – All of you is in bliss because there is no separation of your body, soul, spirit, mind and emotion. You are a whole vibrating beautiful being in absolute bliss. Any form of stimulation would bring you out of this bliss. To stimulate you would be like being disturbed out of a deep sleep where you feel you are in heaven.

This is what is in most of my video/audio talks with my clients. this is why my clients want to share. This is why there is a variety. Because each one of you is different. Therefore each person has their unique experience. This is also a healing session, not just tantric sex therapy. And there are many. Why? Because, occasionally – that would be a fluke. But consistently, that becomes a skill that can be relied upon.

In this video above a client talks about having that caress without being touched. And I’m not waving or stirring energy. It’s about having you connect with what is already within you, but you do not know it’s there because you have not tuned into your own frequency.

This Sacred Spot Massage tunes into your frequencies. The sacred Spot massage is the key to accessing this frequency. And it must be external and sometimes completely off your body. But you will feel it as if the touch is inside your body.

Your body is your planet. Much like sacred sites around the world, your body has sacred sites. The sacred sites around the world have become sacred because focus and energy has been focused on these areas. What if you gave your body the same reverence as sacred places around the world. What if you treated your body with the same regard you are treating any sacred object. There are various parts of your body and your life you are avoiding and even ignoring. In our session we access these areas that have been forgotten and bring them together. Your cells have their own soul. Cells have their own kundalini. Each cell has its own chakras. Each cell has its own brain.. Specific sacred spot massage makes these parts important enough to pay attention to. How deep do you think you will be able to connect to the bliss of acknowledgement?

Your body, your life, your world.

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