Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction often is a result of blockage of forward moving energy that is your masculine energy.

Premature ejaculation  feeling spine tingling ecstasy Masculine Energy is within both male and female energy. Premature ejaculation often is result of some unresolved trauma.

  • When we judge masculine roles and functions this can result in Premature ejaculation.
  • For some men this can be result of sexual abuse.
  • Any sudden trauma can affect our connection to ourselves.
  • For men this can express itself as Premature ejaculation.
  • For women traumatic events can result in inability to orgasm or avoiding sex completely.

  • When we are in orgasm there is no self judgement. 
  • We seek sex to escape these thoughts and by escaping we come face to face with self judgement and resistance to embracing pleasure.

Premature ejaculation halts pleasure of Orgasm.

Almost everyone of us have had feelings that continued for ever, that was memory from our inner knowing.

  • That was your every cell of your body in orgasm and you wished you could have that feeling again.
  • But it continues to elude you. You can revisit that feeling again.
  • Awakening your energies that have been suppressed. 
  • The most life changing thing you can introduce into your life is coming to that perfect place and pace. Knowing how long to stay there.
  • Knowing when to move on.
  • Knowing exactly what to do.
  • Redefining orgasm and ejaculation. Have you felt the two distinctive feelings?
  • Bringing you the mysteries of great sensual total body pleasures.
  • Again referring to the earth vibrating when my partner reached out to me.
  • Never before experienced as the whole of your body orgasms potentially for hours. 


About Premature Ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  

  • An issue for majority of men at some time in their lives.

Denial is often the way men deal with it, some by engaging adult services worker, of course that does not work. But what the man receives ever so briefly, is touch.

  • Often men feel embarrassed lost and confused at times avoiding touch and intimacy.
  • Or they may continue to seek limited relief leaving them feeling even more empty and often far more frustrated as they continue to repeat the cycle of “maybe this time I’ll get it”.
  • “Maybe this time I’ll be satisfied”.

Resulting in further disconnection.

  • Premature Ejaculation  erectile dysfunction is continued, the disconnection perpetuates. 
  • Katie can help you feel feelings that you have lost.
  • The best way to regain sexual  pleasure is to discover connection to your own body; feelings you have never imagined are available to you.

These days over 75% of men are premature or have Erectile dysfunction or erectile issues. Mostly because neither you nor your lover know the easy solutions that are incredible pleasurable for both of you.

Avoiding Intimacy can have it’s beginning in Premature ejaculation.

  • This often creates relationship issues or even avoiding relationships or sex.
  • We all have aches and pains that are buried deep within us. 
  • Only when we are willing to explore ALL of our feelings does true intimacy and sensuality reveal itself”  
  • Every muscle and tendon here is attended to for smooth transition of pleasure. 
  • Now, your whole body reconnects with itself first,… preparing you for your full body ecstasy. 
  • In the beginning of the appointment each person receives personalized attention to unlock aches and pains to release the bound up energy that usually restricts pleasure.
  • This begins to assist you in connection with your own body first.
  •  It is  then true Tantra pleasures may be shared.

Everything in nature consists of Vibration.

Most clients feel the pulse in the first appointment. When you connect with it, it’s essential that it’s guided in the right direction.

It is a Sanskrit term for the subtle, creative pulse of the universe and means vibration, movement or motion.

 Everything in nature consists of Vibration and we all are born from it, it’s a pulse a heartbeat.

Premature ejaculation and erectile issues are often a result of disconnection with our bodies.

To find out about Premature ejaculation and erectile issues, erectile dysfunction your can reconnect through Elite Tantra Massage with Katie. contact and etiquette


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