Spirit Power Loving

Spirit Power Loving when awakened brings peace and certainty into our lives.

When our own Spirit Power is fully felt within our bodies, our love for life flows smoother and on purpose.

When  you break through the unconsciousness that’s trapped within you.  

  • That place where you feel so alone is filled with knowing your heartfelt desires as truth you can feel and enjoy.
  • Something you really experience not just touch with the mind.
  • Then you begin to see through false presentation of the world around promises that lead you away from your purpose. 
  • This real Level of connection awakens, excites body mind spirit soul.
  • That is indication of third eye opening.
  • It begins to see what it could not see before.
  • Inner wisdom is the secret key to Tantra spirit.
  • Fear of separation and how to heal this feeling.

In this video hear the woman describing how spirit was at her head while I was at her feet. Hear what they had to say to her.

Fear is separation from your Spirit Power Loving.

Fear creates multiple lifetimes of regret & darkness.

  • Fear freezes our mind and body.
  • Fear begins to act as a filter for every event and feeling.
  • Spirit Power Loving is a tender light that begins to burn brighter as your vision adjusts.
  • It’s like waking out of a deep sleep, if the light is too bright we pull back to filter out the harshness of the light hitting us too suddenly.
  • The soul and spirit need a moment to be recognised by the body that  has until now has been functioning on it’s own.
  • Like any friendship, these powerful forces need to feel for the fitting to customise for this lifetime.

Spirit Power Loving restores heightening of the senses.

Pleasure of awakening of the feelings are restored where normally they are buried beneath the rubble of life challenges. There is only one way of being happy with your life. That depends on the value you feel you bring the the world. To feel save you must feel valuable and valued. Until you are valued, you are replaceable. Feelings of being easily replaced must be confronting. If we are truthful we would acknowledge this.

Everyone has deeper elements of themselves that would deem them to be irreplaceable. Imagine what your life would be when you know your own value in this life.

  • As the fitting adjusts, like any new program you may download to a computer.
  • You begin to familiarise yourself with what it can do.
  • You know what you want from life so you put in the elements that fit these desires.

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