Understanding Energies

Understanding Energies that work in Tantra Living is shown in this video. Chi, Ki or Qi is often talked about in highly descriptive yet unattainable language.

  • Rarely do have opportunity to see it in physical action.
  • This video shows you that it actually exists.
  • Many clients in videos throughout this site talk about energies that affect our life.
  • Finally here is a medium that can truly display the power of energy in life.
  • Energy has been the foundation of all eastern countries.
  • This will help you to begin to understand how Elite Tantra can connect you to your own power and your awareness.
  • Most of all; discover what when and where to apply it for everyone’s benefit.

The power and Understanding Energies that affect us has always been given in secret.

These energies are always active in your life. Whether you are eating, working or making love.

Frequencies and Understanding Energies is received at the level of the students personal awareness.

  • This was given in privacy in a setting of respect and regard for the teacher.
  • Only when you respect the source can you receive the benefits of the knowledge.
  • This energy is present in every aspect of life.
  • Even an average person knows the feeling of uneasiness.
  • This feeling of discomfort even if it does not make sense at the time.
  • Dignity and respect is the passage to power.

This feeling of reverence for the knowledge opens new pathways within your own body. Mind emotion and spirit affect every physical interaction. Body mind spirit emotion are the driving forces. Powerful emotions are behind every aspect of your life.

Core of Understanding Energies is your absolute commitment to connect to the next step in your life.

It is when you are ready to admit that life for you as it is today is not completely satisfying you. That is honesty.

  1. If you are not growing and expanding daily, you are going backUnderstanding Energieswards. 
  2. Feelings of discontent are the most honest and powerful tools.
  3. Learn how be empowered by recognising discontent.
  4. Learn what to do about that.
  5. These give us the courage to explore beyond the comfortable repetitive life you are stuck in.
  • Due to lack of understanding energies that are you is behind the dissatisfaction and discontent that leads you astray.
  • Inability to recognise separation prevents you from wanting to question the general acceptance repetitive actions.
  • Studying and applying your Understanding energies that affect every moment of your life.
  • This opens new dimensions of exploration.

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