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White Tantric Tantra Bodywork

Embark on a Journey of White Tantra Healing: A Holistic Approach to Vibrational Well-being

Welcome to a space where healing goes beyond the realms of traditional Tantric sex therapy. Here, we offer White Tantra Orgasmic Vibrational Healing – a sanctuary for your soul, spirit, and overall well-being. Before you call, it’s crucial to understand that what we provide transcends the limitations of Black or Grey Tantra. Our intention is to guide you on a transformative journey that nurtures your entire being.

One-on-One Vibrational Healing: Commence your healing journey with a personalized One-on-One bodywork, delving into the vibrational energies that have the power to reshape your body’s frequencies. As you experience this transformation, witness the rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit. Our aim is to refresh every aspect of your being, instilling wisdom, balance, and enrichment.

Private Life Coaching and Support: Our offerings extend beyond the healing session. Benefit from private life coaching and support, fostering a deep connection between your soul and body that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Develop the strength, tenderness, and courage needed to navigate your relationship with life effortlessly.

Private Retreats as Follow Up Immersion Therapies available on request: For the sincere seeker, we present Private Retreats as an immersive follow-up to your One-on-One appointment.

Uncover the secrets that have the potential to transform your life, exploring realms that heal even physical injuries. Host a Weekend or week-long retreat and discover the possibilities when working with both the seen and unseen dimensions.

Client Testimonials: Witness the impact of our work through firsthand accounts from clients who have experienced profound shifts. Gain insights into the transformative power of White Tantra healing and understand the depth of life that can be lived when limiting beliefs are dispelled.


Awakening to Real Healing: Take a moment to watch a video where a client shares the significance of their appointment. This video serves as an introduction to the power of real healing and provides deeper insights into what is possible. Eliminate distractions, immerse yourself in the experience, and prepare for an adventure in genuine life healing.

INTIMACY & LOVE with deeper understanding that heal human challenges

To introduce you to the power of real healing; this video takes you to deeper insight to what is actually possible. This will help make sense of the client videos within this site.

Before you assume that this is similar to what you have heard before please listen and then follow our guidance to your ultimate genuine adventure in healing your life.

Best way to introduce you to my work is to have my clients share their experiences. This way you are virtually in the room with us and in the moment of transition.

Preparation for Your White Tantra Experience: Before making that call, it’s crucial to understand that our approach is distinct from traditional Tantric sex therapy. We offer White Tantra, focused on absolute life healing, respecting your beliefs, values, and challenges. Prepare for a journey into the highest level of life awareness by familiarizing yourself with the provided information.

Connect with the Unseen Aspects of Your Life: At the core of our philosophy is the belief that what you don’t know can impact you. Let us guide you to connect with aspects of your life and body that you may currently be unaware of, paving the way for a transformative experience.

Embarking on a journey with us means choosing White Tantra healing that goes beyond the conventional. Prioritize your soul and spirit, break free from limiting beliefs, and step into a realm of absolute life awareness. When you’re ready to explore the depths of healing, we’re here to guide you on this transformative adventure.

Before you call.

  • Before you call we need you to know that Tantric sex therapy is Black or Grey Tantra  You will be safe here because we intend to take care of your soul and spirit as well.
  • What we offer is White Tantra, which is absolute life healing that heals your beliefs, takes care of your values and absolutely respects your challenges you may be facing no matter what they may be.
  • Highest level of life awareness.
  • To prepare for that please read about me.  I did not study with grey tantra or black tantra sex schools. But as you see I researched then thoroughly. Remember; what  you don’t know – will hurt you. For this reason everything on this site is nothing like is what is offered out there.
  • Clearly; we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t hear what we can’t hear. I’ll help you connect with aspects of your life and your body that you are currently totally unaware of.

How to eliminate dead cells from the body

How to eliminate dead cells from the body and why we should all know about this to prevent diseases.

For example, kidneys have the ability to repair themselves.  The key functions of the kidney have the capacity to receive healing energies. But we need to address this issue as soon as possible. Learning how to pay attention to changes in your own body is essential. Don’t wait for the professionals to tell you about that. It may be too late by the time this is detected.

Professor Joseph Bonventre of Harvard Medical School explains how this works.

Changes in your body are constant. When you notice changes, that is the time to have your overall health tested by a qualified health professional. Your body is changing all the time.

When you learn How to eliminate dead cells from the body, the burden of dead cells is removed.How to eliminate dead cells from the body

Your body is constantly renewing itself. for example the liver has amazing capacity to regrow in 3 – 5 months. Liver’s job is to flush toxins out of your body. However heavy drinkers can damage the liver that results in condition known as cirrhosis. Healthy liver regenerates itself regularly. Learn how to take care of your liver so it can regenerate. Dr David Lloyd (liver surgeon) says that he can remove 70% of a person’s liver and most of it will grow back within 2 months.

How to eliminate dead cells from the body and why should you know how this works.

You receive a completely new body every 7 – 10 years, including bones. Our intestines renew themselves every 2-3 days.

Some aspects of Lungs renew every two to three weeks. Other areas of lungs renew in about one year. Heavy smokers are compromising the regeneration of lungs by abusing them, this interferes with natural regenerative cycle of the body.

Different parts of your body are renewing themselves at different rates. It’s vital that we are vigilant about our health or the body suffers from inability to discard the old cells. This compromises your health.

How to eliminate dead cells from the body.

Good air, organic foods, pure water is best place to begin. More than what you put into your mouth is what comes out of your mouth. Every word you speak affect your immune system. Every sound you make affect your energies. Quantum physics talks about frequencies. These frequencies are often referred to in spiritual terms as Kundalini and Chakras. So intention is in the sound of your voice. Change how you use your voice and your intention shows up.


Vulnerability needs to practiced only in safe place till you build up your ability to discern different energies.

To understand what you are feeling and how that affects every aspect of life is beginning of mastery. It’s important that your therapist is grounded in reality. That they clear realisation of truth and the fantasy that we are often sidetracked by.

Clearly vulnerability is the stage of transition from fixed idea of how the world is to the universal truths.

In the process of connecting to your vulnerability you are guided to act constructively. Not deconstructing anything because at this stage there is no clear experience of what your current reality is. For this reason, in your vulnerability session you need to completely trust your guide.


Choosing the right person to walk the walk with you not just talk through it. This video helps you understand  how to choose where to be vulnerable and how to bring your power to you. It’s in two parts. First one is to set to play automatically.

Vulnerability is a spiritual place you go to – to gather your energies.

To get there you need to be in a fortress of safety. Knowing universal laws is the foundation for such experience. There needs to be tremendous respect from both sides. Your mentor needs to have deep regard for your entire life.

Part two of body intelligence series and wisdom of creating the right space for new ways of living. Make certain you listen to  part one first. Please don’t assume the content. Naturally for you – your experience will be totally you. Please press play.

It’s vital we have clear understanding of universal laws that are revealed during this session. You are guided to understand and clearly see that instantly. Videos throughout the site will give you an example of that. Pillar of light is Lingam and it’s your kundalini awakening. These are described in the videos.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy designed to heal distressing events that create feelings of being unsafe.

People feel vulnerable Emotionally, physically and psychologically. Many are suffering as result of being traumatised by people who should have been our protectors. Some people seek trauma therapy following abuse, rape, war, car accidents. Many of my clients have been victims of sexual abuse. Some by their parents. Rarely it is by strangers. Both mothers and fathers have been perpetrators. Most people are abused from within their own family or extended family.

Accidents, emotional release therapy, surgery all leave trauma imprint on your body.

Cells retain the memory of the surgery and anaesthetic  that separates us from our innate awareness.Human Spirit Trauma Therapy

Some were abused by their own brother or uncles. One man was abused by his own mother from the age of six. Another was abused by two teachers at his school at the age of 11. Age 50, he was still carrying the scars despite many attempts to deal with this. It had cost him his marriage and the children from that marriage. Families of the abused are not equipped to support them. This particular man’s current partner just tells him to get over it and move on. Others through surgery complications. Your cells are like computer chips. They take on their environment. Look around and feel yourself seeing all around you from programmed eyes conditioned only to see what has been cycling in the mind.

Trauma Therapy here focuses on removing the imprints of cyclical thinking.

Social programming reaction continues to rewrite history within the cells. We want natural wisdom to be accessed. Your body knows where it resides. It continues to communicate with you. But you are blocking the signal. In trauma therapy we find the door and the key that begins to override programing. Cellular activities can often be felt through the transition. Trauma shuts down kundalini and distorts chakras.

When loved ones say” time to let go and move on”; They are just repeating conditioned reactions.

They are telling you they do not have the ability to understand the depths of trauma that are embedded in your cells.

Trauma therapy needs to be specific and customised to each individual.

In this video a woman describes what it feels like in her world as it falls apart.

Some sufferers bury their pain and put on a happy face. 

These are most  at risk. Robin Williams for example was as entertaining as ever just before he committed suicide. He was on prescription drugs for depression. One of the side effects of some anti depressants are suicidal thoughts. Each year in US alone; according to statistics 23,755 suicides are connected to psychiatric prescription drugs.

Our approach is helping you identify the disconnect that is often be the result of past traumas.

We don’t need to relive your traumas. What we do is help you connect to the emptiness. That creates isolation.

Your body’s default defence system. This system is your protection designed for self healing. This natural ability has been forgotten. Now, isolation results in the mind trying to bury the pain. In this video you can hear our client speaking about his body accessing this ancient wisdom. Body wisdom connects with our extended environment. The universal wisdom energy. In the video a client shares his experience in his trauma therapy sessions. How the healing came from within.

Families of many traumatised victims are often in denial.

They too need to have therapy to understand the value of working together. For some the best thing to do is to remove themselves from the emotional and physical toxic environment.

Disclaimer; Please note this is not substitute for medical advice.


Ignorance is Tragedy

Ignorance is Tragedy. It is even a greater tragedy these days because you can so easily check for truth just by keying in a few search words.

In Kriya Yoga, in Buddhist teachings, this is this cause of our suffering. They are referred to a Kleshas. These are things that bring satisfaction only to self without regard to everyone around ignorance is Tragedyyou. 

Ignorance is Tragedy when we identify with the image of who we believe we are based on the narrow concepts you have been raised within. Trapped in the false projection of who you believe yourself to be.

  • (You cannot afford the reputation of being gullible and stupid.) and discover that the sex tantra actually does the opposite to its promise.
  • Check that out yourself.
  • You have just as much access to the internet as I do.

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Depths of Tantric Union

Depths of Tantric Union is achieved when Satisfaction is felt simply because your ultimate Desire to be all of the universe is fulfilled.

When our physical senses are satisfied our mind can become still, focused, free. When the union of body mind soul is reached, we are suspended in place of exquisite unwavering pleasure. It is where the thinking mind cannot reside because it has nothing to grab onto.

To reach the depths of tantric union, one needs to go through four stages of initiation to reach the fifth stage that is self empowerment.

1. First it’s the Awakening Stage:  

Depths of Tantric Union

The awakening stage is the place of recognising the self. This is where the shell that kept you separate from your true nature falls away. My experience is for everyone that protection is more pronounced in different partsDepths of Tantric Union of their being.

2. Next the Cleansing stage: it’s where you begin to identify the blockages. So instead of identifying yourself with the blockages. These stuck energies are recognised as nothing other than interference patterns that we’ve taken on. These patterns are not us yet we have identified with them almost exclusively that they began to represent us. You are guided to connect with the source that knows where to be and how to be, all you need to do is invite it in.

When our mind is busy we feel stress and sense of divided feelings.

Feelings of separation within our bodies become so strong that we begin to seek solutions and satisfaction outside of us.

3. Absorption stage is the crucial factor:

Depths of Tantric Union

Following cleansing the empty space wants to be filled. Nature doesn’t have void. Everything is filled space, so, the absorption stage needs to be acquired and the same time as the cleansing stage.

4. Completion stage is the merging of all energy centers: This is the place where you become aware of the interdependence of all universal energies. WDepths of Tantric Unionhen everything is connected, the importance of this cannot be overlooked. Then you are just a few steps away from merging with your true self that you were originally born with. You chakras align themselves. Your kundalini moves itself through its own self knowledge.

5. Now you are in Depths of Tantric Union with the Self: This is where you can get lost. You have all the tools all the building materials you can bring in to build the house of dreams. So how do you put that together and what do you order and in what sequence?

Next step is where you begin to create the life you want to live. Designed by you, built by cooperative elements around you.

Depths of Tantric Union fulfils our ability to connect.

Our deepest desire of union is to feel whole in one self. Often this gets confused with merging with collective energies. Your completeness (this is ultimate alchemy) between two people where our desire is to dissolve into one  another begins with the merging with your own soul you were born with. When your soul is absorbed into your own body the next stage can be the merging with your loved one. That loved one can be a living partner or representation of eternal love spirit.

A timeless experience, an escape from the mundane drives us to search for pleasure. To escape from demands and pressures from structure that separates us. At this point any idea of romantic love may feel cumbersome, too much hard work. History tells us that romantic love comes with tremendous amount of baggage.

Depths of Tantric Union Connection Relieves deepest frustration.

Today as you seek, the last thing you want is emotional baggage; after all there is enough going on for you and every one of us. How can you feel complete inside of you while you carry emotional baggage within you. Often intimate relationships are based on emotional baggage.

When you need to feel that there is more to this lifetime, then Depths of Tantric Union Training is for you.

Once you feel relaxed then we can discuss further options. New pages have been added to this website to assist in supporting you at your  pace.  These options are available when that sense of inner peace and satisfaction have been reached. They are shared at your own pace.

Now if we really want to fly a jet we can learn to fly,  foundation training always begins on the ground. These pages are here, more info….

The Five essential pages below are essential read before calling for your appointment.

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Connection Relieves deepest frustration

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