Cellular Sound Resonance

Cellular Sound Resonance, the secret to activating links that have laid dormant for decades.

Cellular reprogramming using your personal Cellular Sound Resonance. No other sound will do the job. Any other sound is mechanical. Your cells have been manipulated by external frequencies for centuries. Clearly humanity has made little progress. The only sound your body needs to hear is your own Cellular Sound Resonance call.

Due to centuries of disassociation and interference from those who set up authority over you, humans have forgotten to look within. This sound is not a mantra or a chant. Mantra and Cellular Sound Resonancechanting have a different purpose. For them to work however, your own Cellular Sound Resonance needs activating.

Your cells and your DNA need to be awakened by your own sound. All you inner elements are functioning below capacity due to neglect. Like a friend you neglected to contact for years. Friends move around, their phone number may have changed. They are in a new location. This happens with your cells. When we ignore their existence they call out but we get too busy to hear our own cells. There is some feeling of self feeling emptier and emptier. Having lost connection to nature you can no longer relate to your own living cells. Finally they get quieter and quieter. This can begin to feel like disconnect, fatigue and even loss of self.

In many ways that is exactly what is happening. You have lost connection to self.

It is never too late however. When you begin to access connection to self, the cellular sound resonance begins to resurface. This begins to activate your DNA and cellular frequency. In turn, your sound mould itself to it’s original quality. You can actually begin to feel your own cells, Often people feel them sparkling. This our clients express over and over again. This vibration of Cellular Sound Resonance begins to release the sticky difficult energies that hold you back.

Just like nature.  Every bird family has their own quality of sound and resonances.

Within each bird family each bird has it’s own distinctive sound that the family can identify as unique to that bird. Same goes for your personal sound. Your personal sound will give you focus and strength to get through the transition. When this sound reaches you deeply. Many aches and pains that have been buried deep within. Your sound literally begins to melt blockages because they are standing in the way of our Joy Bliss and satisfaction. When this sound reaches deep; many aches and pains that have been buried deep within literally begin to melt. Pain can only be felt when there is division.

I’ve dedicated myself to simplifying the connection for you.

This has been developed over twenty plus years with the help of tens of thousands of clients experiences and research. There is no point in just revisiting the same of feelings. What you had before is gone because you have moved to new levels of consciousness. Your programmed mind is keeping you from your inner knowing. Your cellular Sound Resonance will overcome these barriers that have been created by social consciousness. Cellular Sound Resonance activates your life force that awakens kundalini and chakras.

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