Consciousness affects Human DNA

Consciousness affects Human DNA and what you can do about it.

Russian scientist Consciousness affects Human DNA and molecular biologist in their wisdom refused to accept that 90% of our DNA is junk DNA. Until then it was referred to as junk DNA. Completely dismissed by scientist until that study. Since then Bruce Lipton has also released detailed proof that consciousness affects Human DNA. You can watch his video below. How health, mind and our body respond. The key is using the right frequency. The tone of words and the order of the words.

For example; when you do google search – as you rearrange the words or replace a word you get a totally different result. Your search on the same subject takes you to a new wold of possibilities. In other words you get a totally different point of view on the internet. A different group of people took that idea into a different direction. This delivered a different result that they write about.

If you really want proof of how Consciousness affects Human DNA do a search. Test for yourself and see the results you get. Different actions produce vastly different experiences and outcomes. Your mind begins to soften. You mind begins to allow greater possibilities.

As you perception changes your inner and outer world reflect that change. In this video a man shares how his entire view of his life has taken on new meaning.

Therefore if Consciousness affects Human DNA then our consciousness affects our behaviour and how we process any action.

From that level of consciousness we receive all actions around us and those directed towards us. Everything we read see touch eat is result of our programming not our genes. Even how we chose our love and how we make love is result of our programming. Scientist demonstrated that our DNA is scripted just like a computer chip is scripted. Data you put into a computer gives programs the desired behaviour.

In this video listen to how Consciousness affects Human DNA by changing how we view same conclusion but get a different result.

Different files and different programs deliver different results. In other words our belief systems are encoded into the computer system we call our body that is the result of our environment. Our environment is continually adjusting how we think and how we behave. Everything you have read and heard about Tantra for instance until you landed on this page for instance will be judging and evaluating from the point of view of the programming or previous material and discussions you have had about tantra. The other aspects of tantra because they were not part of what you have come across will not even register until you allow the new concept to be viewed and read a number of times. This will begin to rewrite your view of the world.

In this video listen to a discussion with myself and my client on how his change of Consciousness affects Human DNA.

Here a micro biologist/scientist and language expert discuss how our DNA behaves.

90 – 95% if how you think and behave is result of programming by people and elements around you. When you know that consciousness affects Human DNA you can begin to make changes to your personal and professional life. It is how you interpret your life that determines the health of your body and your relationships. For most people however the programming has been so successful that they will not permit themselves to allow new ways of thinking. Even then this can be changed purely by the behaviour of the people around them. Different diet and environment then begins to make changes to how Consciousness affects Human DNA.

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