Tragedy of Ignoring that niggling feeling of something isn’t right. 

Tragedy Of IgnoranceIn Kriya Yoga, in Buddhist teachings, this is this cause of our suffering. They are referred to a Kleshas. These are things that bring satisfaction only to self without regard to everyone around you. 

Ignorance is Tragedy when we identify with the image of who we believe we are based on the narrow concepts you have been raised within. Trapped in the false projection of who you believe yourself to be.

  • You cannot afford the reputation of being gullible and stupid.
  • This is displayed in every tantra relationship website almost without exception.
  • Because this is a Tantra site I need to be relevant with this post.
  • When you reflect on your Tantra sex therapist experience you can actually feel how deflated you are.
  • Now you have opportunity to acknowledge; that the sex tantra actually does the opposite to its promise.
  • Check that out yourself.

  • You have just as much access to the internet as I do. Here’s a link to an article enter here.

This video demonstrates how ignoring is worse than anger of hatred.

It is even a greater tragedy these days because you can so easily check for truth just by keying in a few search words.

  • In search of pleasure your lose a part of yourself when that pleasure fades.
  • There is a feeling of emptiness that follows.
  • Then you seek it again and again.
  • Each time you get it again, the pleasure is lessened.
  • Then you search for more variety of the same pleasure.
  • That continues to disappoint because there is no expansion.
  • There is just need to satisfy that which seeks to link to deeper and more advanced connections.
  • The tragedy is that nobody researches this level of ignorance. Most influential people in the personal development industry have also taken someone’s word for it. 

Help yourself, your friends, your family with your desire and ability to find the truth. Now you have the tools to influence people out of ignorance.

  • Most people who offer tantra sex believed just one source of training.
  • Many, however – were always fine with providing extras with their therapies just for the ease of money that provides.
  • Others, just believed one source without any real research.
  • Then they found a way to call that spiritual, for this reason.
  • They took their clothes off and participated in group sex while talking chakras and Kundalini. Then they created a beautiful story around it.
  • Remember what is out there is smoke and mirrors and just sexual fantasy entertainment. 
  • Most Tantra’s are just swingers that move from one group to another group.

Tragedy is that; Sexual ecstasy is most significant part of being human. Yet when your focus is only on sex tantra – you miss out on the ecstasy. This keeps you at pleasure. Pleasure on it’s own almost always ends up with tragedy. 


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