Understanding Healing

Understanding Healing because misinterpretation is cause of resistance.

I want to help you understand what healing is about with this video of a man I have had some training with following my personal initiations with my spirit masters.

People are lost and are hurting terribly and a very vulnerable.

So here is true healing training and experiences. I have created this especially for your so you can have confidence in me before we speak. Tantra and healing has been infiltrated by quick fixes and just getting off stuff. I assure you I treat your Understanding Healing journey with greatest respect.

This affects not only your current life but all the lifetimes ahead. Many hundreds of lifetimes will be miserable.

Here we begin with foundation of Understanding Healing in every area of your life.Understanding Healing

This begins in your first session. You gain clarity, freedom and joy and bliss without the degrading aspect of giving yourself up to a sex worker who claims to be a healer. Listen to this video that takes you to many levels of understanding what this level of therapy can do for you if we truly listen to everything around us. Humans are not as stupid or as inept as those therapist will want you to believe.

In no other profession can one set oneself up to be a teacher from a week of training. Please watch this video. It is the foundation that will make more sense of what I have throughout this site. If you are serious about tantra that heals all of you not just a sex aspect of you, this is for you.

Understanding Healing begins with desire to listen to what I have to offer you so your mind will be open to receive on a deeper level.

I am dedicated to bringing you to a place of Understanding Healing that empowers you. Welcome to genuine healing that begins the moment we are prepared to listen and receive.

When the healing is in progress the entire area, the room the home and often even the suburb would be affected. The key is having the awareness to recognise that.


In this video a family experienced direct connections to the healing energies.

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