Unity in Kashmir Shaivism recognises that the human being of an already living as one with nature. Stop the suffering and begin living in unity.Unity example of bee approaching sunflower

Unity is the opposite of dualism. Dual cultivation is a belief system based on separation. They believe we need to find unity by bringing two together.

Understanding Unity is the base of many spiritual traditions. Dualism is the root of humanity’s ignorance and suffering. While you believe you are separate there cannot be dual cultivation. That is conflicting belief. If you believe you are separate your cannot come together.

When you realise we are all linked then the concept of being separate dissolves.

Unity example in Nature. See the bee approaching sunflower.

Bee merges with sunflower as sunflower accepts the bee.

The energy of prana or chi spreads throughout the entire system. Sense of separation disappears. The mind is not separate from the body consciousness. This means the body intelligence links with the mind rather than the mind controlling the every aspect of life. As the mind surrenders it’s supremacy, it gains access to the bodie’s ancient memory. This dissolves the boundaries of communication within the body. Unity also strengthens the energy field around the body.

In Unity, energy that was used for self protection is now available to internal regeneration and rejuvenation.

Liberation from suffering is activated through unity to all things. The personal effort of breathing techniques are considered inferior. Mind takes over to direct access to all  elements. When you give up all mental and physical effort you are in unity. When mental and physical meet they are one. While mental energy continues to direct energy – you have separation. This perpetuates separation.

Unity is opposite duality. While you participate in dual cultivation you are directing action.

When action is spontaneous. Mind merges with the body for smooth action. Practice of unity of mind with the body is what we do here right from the first minute. Most people are capable of allowing unity into their lives. it’s the comparison and competition that’s behind all the suffering.

You can begin to put this concept into practice with people around you. At work as you offer assistance walk over to the person. Be right there to offer help. At home just jump in and assist. Or ask “what can I do to help”. Be ready to participate.

Where most people fail is offer from a distance “do you want help’? The person often replies no I’ll be fine. This is not what we mean. We get so used to separateness that it becomes our comfort zone.

This practice will begin to open you to connection to prana. That begins access to transcendental consciousness. This merging spreads outside of you,including external objects, This brings experiences of oneness.

Begin living unity and keep it up.


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