Sex Addiction

Sex addiction therapy for sexual dependency. It’s craving that’s feeding anxiety.

It is a fear, a habit that feeds upon itself is self medicating. Trapped in a nevSharing loving momenter ending spiral. For a brief moment the sex addiction is satisfied. Then the craving starts all over again. People with sex addiction often deny there is a problem and end up training as a sex therapist. This continues to feed their sex addiction.

  • Sex addiction is a mental disorder.
  • People have forgotten the anguish sex addicts live in.  It is a risk taking endeavour every time you indulge.
  • People with a sex addiction are more likely to engage in multiple affairs.
  • Spend most of their earnings of sex services.
  • Some with tantric goddess sex therapy others on prostitution.
  • Many sex addicts end up in the Tantric Sex industry.

Deep down, what a sex addict is seeking is genuine loving moments. A lifetime with one partner who understands them. That deep part that is in each human heart who want to give the best of him/herself.

Every human wants to be happy and to make their partner happy. All they want to find is the how. But they continue to seek in the wrong places. Simply because they do not know what to ask for. This is the most significant aspect of their condition. When we know what to ask for and what it feels like and looks like, then we recognise it when it arrives.

For example; when you order a meal in a restaurant, if you know what you are getting you are far more likely to enjoy it. Even when it is a dish you have never tried before. You are more willing to explore in a restaurant that clearly presents its menu. You do not order fish and get steak. What happens with sex addiction is you do not know the difference. We need to know the difference between the fish dish and a steak dish. It all gets confused. It’s like sexual dyslexia. You see the way your mind interprets it. You cannot see it for what it is. This is where you need someone who has the skills to help you identify with different feelings. Someone who ensures you expand into new feelings that bring both you and your partner to a place of absolute trust and faith in each other.

Sex addiction is not a natural way of living. Something happened in your life.

It is not always sex abuse or disfuncional behavior in families. Or even the world around us. It’s how we see the world. It can also be nutritional factor. Spending time in nature can begin to help heal you dependency. Learning to identify with new feeling. There are 3,000 to 6,000 thousand emotions. Chances are you are only expressed at the most six to twelve emotions your entire life. When you begin to weave a magnificent tapestry of life, your preferences change.

Some of the symptoms are compulsive masterbation. I had a client who admitted to having actually damaged his genitals through this act.

The saddest aspect of this is that he failed to gain any pleasure out of it. So the pattern continued. Many people with a sex addiction have been victims of rape. Others were molested as children.

Detachment is part of sex addiction.

When you gain satisfaction in a genuine intimate relationship, fulfilment is expressed and experienced. A healthy sexual encounter will keep you nourished for daySex addiction examples even weeks. Therefore when you make love again – that takes you to new levels.

Sex addiction is a never ending result over and over again. This leads to risky behavior in search for new feelings. Some sex addicts become enraged when their craving are not satisfied. Sexual harassment is one of the symptoms. People who are unable to control their sex urges engage in inappropriate touching or verbal suggestions. To them this behavior is not only acceptable but normal. Group sex is another example of sexual disfunction expression.

People with sex addictions often come from dysfunctional families.

For example; Tantric sex goddesses, sex gods and tantric sex couples coaches are some examples of sex addicts. Many sex coaches believe that sex equals love. They teach you techniques. They tell this is the way to keep your lover. They are making money out of their addiction. And having new bodies to play with. Some get the world stage to listen to their take on love. In their websites they proclaim their love for sex. How they wish to help people with sex issues. There are many creative ways a sex addict can justify their addiction.

Sex Addiction Causes, Symptoms and Effects on Intimate relationships.

Sex addiction is more prevalent than ever before. The internet has made it available 24/7. You can’t even get away from it at home. Satisfaction is as available as login into any of the sites.

This makes it difficult for a sex addict to remove themselves from it. I had a client; a very attractive and talented man who had to satisfy his urges by visiting prostitutes. Then immediately after he would feel really bad about it. He would feel lonely and even dirty. There is no love there. But that is what he seeks. He seeks love. Love is the addiction it is not sex addiction that he is suffering from.

The whole system is messed up in the life of a sex addict. As a sex addict if you are honest, you are not feeling any fulfillment.

My experience is that most people suffering from sex addiction are really seeking attention. You want caring and loving. For some that may have been triggered by someone befriending you, telling you they loved you. Your natural instincts, the hormones were stirred. That could have happened in a critical moment or a peak emotional moment. this feeling became embedded in your memory as love combined with sex. for others this may have stated with a deeply loving parent, relative or friend.

It’s very likely you felt rejected of not good enough. This perpetuates feelings of needing to belong. A longing to be part of someone’s life. A desire to please or perhaps the opposite. Perhaps a desire to hurt. Every one has their own personal reason for needing to fill this deep feeling of separateness.

Sex is seen as a blending, a oneness. Sex addiction is like a drug. A go to feeling of escape from reality.

Sex addiction can lead to serious self harm in the form of masterbation. One of my clilents admitted to masterbating so friequently that he was red and raw. But the urge was greater than the pain he was experiencing. It’s as if you go to a different level of consciousness. Or should we say unconsciousness.

The extreme distress you would be feeling must be beyond description.

That deep dissociation from feelings is at the very core sex addiction.

Sex addiction can be result of anxiety or the cause of anxiety.

Depression and feelings of inadequacy and emotional distress are some of the side effects of sex addiction.

Many end up in adult industry. They may as well get paid for what they crave. Many tantric goddesses and tantric gods are suffering from sex addiction. Bipolar is a mental disease many adult service providers suffer from. Some of the most prominent sexologists and sacred sex healers exhibit sex addiction patterns.

Early environmental life-factors can be at the very core of sex addiction.

Some have been sexually abused. Others physically and psychologically abused. Others have deep mental health issues. Bipolar people have a tendency to engage in risky sexual behavior. Some would be promoting sex classes as a way to satisfy their needs. Everyone has different reasons. Everyone had their own personal trigger.

At the very core of all that, is dissociation. Sex addiction is a cry for genuine love and caring.

In my experience it is not always a mental health issue. It is often environmental issue. When we modify our environment to healthy state we tend to function healthier. Much like a plant. It a plant is  pot bound, it will not flourish. When the plant doesn’t get sufficient nutrients it eventually looks rather dull and needy. The plant may need more shade or more sun. That all depends on the type of plant it is. It may need replanting or fertiliser We’ve all seen plants come to life when given right nutrients.

It is absolutely essential we look upon our environment.

Some people need more exercise. This would reduce anxiety and sex addiction urges. I don’t mean necessarily working out in a gym more. Perhaps take up dancing or slack line exercise. Take up sailing or surfing. Diving is great exercise along with magical scenery. We need to begin doing different things. give our life variety. Just like food, you cannot live on bread alone.

Accessing new feelings is bound to make you want to have different experiences. in this video you can hear a man identifying with new feelings during his session.

New feelings in our bodies are not new at all. They have always been there. It;’s just that you have never known where to look.

In this treatment we focus on what is already there deep beneath the sex addiction. Sex addiction covers up all other feelings that are just as powerful. Sex addiction acts as a guard to protect the innocent feelings deep inside you. This has been my experience. We need to look from a different perspective.

The study of crippled, stunted, immature, and unhealthy specimens can yield only a cripple psychology and a cripple philosophy

Abraham Maslow

Here we engage you in what is healthy rather than continuing to analyse the problem. We know what the problem is therefore there is no need to delve any deeper than that until we begin to live inn solution. When you are in a healthier state of mind then we can choose to go there if you wish.

We may define therapy as a search for value.

Abraham Maslow

Mainstream therapies love to delve deep into the problem This is the opposite of how great healers of the past like Abraham Maslow recommends.

He is one of the most respected psychologists who  theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization

Never one to appreciate the mainstream I love to look beyond the accepted normal in order to live a happy normal life. to set your mind free from the addiction you need to look to different direction. What your mind sees your mind continues to replay. We need new vision and new focus. Much like when you feel sweaty or dirty from working in the garden, you do not rub more sweat and dirt. You choose something different from what created the sweaty dirty condition. So it is with sex addiction. We do not continue to explore more of your sex addiction. As we bring in new element, the truth will be revealed without having to dig up old wounds.

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