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How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body

How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body. We all have Chakras and Kundalini has been active at some time in our lives.<a href="http://www.elitetantra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Aura-subtle-energies1.jpg"><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-22473" src="http://www.elitetantra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Aura-subtle-energies1-300x300.jpg" alt="How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body" width="300" height="300" /></a>

Feelings of love and stress affect kundalini. Love can begin to open Kundalini. When there is disappointment, betrayal or loss, Kundalini can become trapped or blocked. This can begin the spiral of mental, emotional and physical issues. Depression is a form of separation from subtle energies and mind/emotional body. Subtle body blockages can be created by the mind or physical injuries or accidents. Unknown to you these blockages are in the background well before they show up in the physical body. Blockages can lead us to accidents or inappropriate relationships that eventually affect mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

In the process of healing we become aware of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body.

Our mind and our thoughts prevent us from seeking spiritual path or limit our understanding of necessity to connect to our subtle bodies. It’s important we understand that our subtle bodies our our protection. Subtle bodies are like necessary layers of skin. Without skin we are totally exposed and our bodies cannot survive. Without connecting to our subtle bodies and bringing them into our life consciously we normalise negative forces unhealthy lifestyle. As Subtle energies become part of our life we become more aware of the life we are living. How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body becomes obvious without even studying.

The analysis of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body can limit your understanding of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body. The wisdom comes from our Subtle body. Wisdom is embedded within our cells. We need right program to open the files in our cellular vault. When we let go of the intellect and connect with intelligence we gain access to universal wisdom. Universal wisdom is like Cloud storage for our files. All we need to do is subscribe to this storage that has been uploaded for us. In that storage we have access to Akashic records. In these files are entire journey from beginning of time to eternity.

Anatomy of Subtle body, why it’s important and How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body.

The subtle bodies are our senses. Like a security system that is always operating. This system alerts us of dangers. These days our cars have sensors that alert us. When we get too close to an object. Our subtle bodies alert us and work with us as a team. The alert us and make corrections before we do any damage. This is simple and automatic.

Subtle energies affect abundance, relationships, career paths our health on every level. Spiritual connections, mental, emotional and psychological.

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