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Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness

Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

When you Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness you leave the trap of compulsive nature of sexuality. You don’t have to huff and puff your way to ecstacy. That is a trap of the lower dimensions. Lower self is being expressed by tantric gurus who offer tantric sex healing. This is because that is the highest level of experience they have every known. Life itself is orgasmic and not confined to sexual expressions. The mystery of not knowing ecstasy in life begins the spiral of never-ending search for pleasure that is temporary. One cannot have sex all day and every day without suffering from delusion. It is not natural. That results in burn out that we see in many tantric sex teachers. Yet they don’t know what to do.

Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness

One of my mentors taught levels of how to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

You cannot see the next level until you’ve attained the foundational level. Much like seeing what’s behind a house or a mountain. You have to go to the other side of the house to see. You have to go around the mountain to see what’s on the other side. Better still; climb that mountain so you have full uninterrupted view. The thing is, that it takes help from someone who has been there before you to help you understand what you are looking at.

This remarkable teacher taught us how we are numb to anything else when trapped in lower chakras. This is the focus of sex tantra. They work with lower chakra believing that it connects to heart chakra. This cannot happen.

First there has to be links to every chakra between base chakra and heart chakra. These links will not respond to manipulation from lower levels of consciousness. But they put you in a trance of believing that you have connected.

Within each level there a seven levels of openings to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. 

Only Spirit connected Soul Conscious person can take you there. Otherwise you get trapped in the lower levels of sex, survival, fear and reliving past terrors. That is referred to as shadow work which has you analyze past pain. In doing so you do not learn new ways of behaving. When you experience new levels of living – then you can go back and fix what is broken. Like being physically injured. When you heal that physical injury you have full function of your body.

So we first remove numbness from body and mind. Stop numbing out and wake up to your life. When we do that – this releases great deal of estrogens into the body. Creating tremendous sexual energy. There is high level of sexual energy one feels before going back to normal level. If you don’t know there is another level, a frantic search for satisfaction becomes the normal. Remember this is just the foundation level. It is still at unconscious level. This level of unconsciousness goes through seven distinct levels.

This unconsciousness you must understand exists at the gonad level. The level of unconsciousness. There is a loss of full memory. This will all come back. All of this is recorded in the body.

Most people are in lower levels of consciousness. The only thing they are interested in is sex and reproduction. This is demonstrated by many dating sites such as Tinda or Adult services. Including Tantric Sex. Remember this is the lower level of consciousness. Walk through your levels of consciousness spiritual. It is still consciousness. So engaging in conscious sex means simply that you are following instructions from someone who sets themselves up as your sex guru.

In Order to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness, you need to know that there are many steps.

Like building a house. First you must have foundation slab or Posts to place a floor upon. But it is not a house yet. Then you make frame for the roof. To make a frame for the roof you need to have frames for the roof frame to rest upon. Then you put the roof on. But you cannot live in that. You cannot call that a completed building. build walls.

Tantric teacher are like people who do not know what it takes to build a house. But a true builder knows the steps and what order these steps are in. Or they face collapse. Our bodies and minds need similar foundations. It’s fallacy that you can do away without foundation and frames. This huffing and puffing that takes people into unconscious reaction that they mistakenly call ecstatic bliss is just that. That is another form of conditioning or hypnosis.

Hypnosis is altered state of consciousness and must be applied with care. It is the disruption of links to understanding that perpetuates mental illness that is prevalent in most tantric sex experts.

Addiction to adrenaline rush eventually result in burn out. Many Tantric sex gurus have bipolar disorder. Do your own deep thorough research. Bipolar is a mental illness that shows up as sexual misalignment. When we Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness, many mental disorders just disappear. When we Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness addictions just melt away. There is no struggle. Just like getting out of a rip in the Ocean. When you are back on shore. You are no longer struggling. You are on solid ground.

Any mental disorder is the dissociation from the Soul. To Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness we link soul body with Physical body and other vibrational energies to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. This level has embraced sexual energy to take it to another level. It is however thought of as sexual energy because on the lower level of consciousness there is no awareness of another dimension of consciousness.  And remains on the only level of pleasure the human has ever been able to reach. For them they Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. It’s like believing that there is nothing beyond the horizon just because you cannot see beyond it. When you want to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness look at what that person is doing. If it is a sex service under any label it is just that. Lets not believe the label. Look at truth of what is happening. Humans are so easily conditioned into doing as authority demands. You are the authority. To know that we need to learn to look and listen for we are not aware of. This is why people spend lifetimes with masters. I’ve spent over 20 years studying one master. Many years studying others who are masters of different areas of life and spirituality.

Better still. Imagine there is fog and you can only see ten inches away from you. Or you’ve only ever known the four walls of a dark room. This is all you can see. Then this can become your reality. But when you become bored with the darkness or the limits; you seek a way out of this limitation.

This is when you Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

In some ways; you are like a baby – constantly learning new ways of getting around. First you strengthen you neck so you can hold up your head. Then the arms and legs by crawling.

There are some advanced babies who stand before they crawl. That is an indication of advanced soul. But it must be nurtured and supported. If not – the person will eventually find the way themselves That is another level of mastery.


How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body

How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body. We all have Chakras and Kundalini has been active at some time in our lives.<a href="http://www.elitetantra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Aura-subtle-energies1.jpg"><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-22473" src="http://www.elitetantra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Aura-subtle-energies1-300x300.jpg" alt="How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body" width="300" height="300" /></a>

Feelings of love and stress affect kundalini. Love can begin to open Kundalini. When there is disappointment, betrayal or loss, Kundalini can become trapped or blocked. This can begin the spiral of mental, emotional and physical issues. Depression is a form of separation from subtle energies and mind/emotional body. Subtle body blockages can be created by the mind or physical injuries or accidents. Unknown to you these blockages are in the background well before they show up in the physical body. Blockages can lead us to accidents or inappropriate relationships that eventually affect mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

In the process of healing we become aware of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body.

Our mind and our thoughts prevent us from seeking spiritual path or limit our understanding of necessity to connect to our subtle bodies. It’s important we understand that our subtle bodies our our protection. Subtle bodies are like necessary layers of skin. Without skin we are totally exposed and our bodies cannot survive. Without connecting to our subtle bodies and bringing them into our life consciously we normalise negative forces unhealthy lifestyle. As Subtle energies become part of our life we become more aware of the life we are living. How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body becomes obvious without even studying.

The analysis of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body can limit your understanding of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body. The wisdom comes from our Subtle body. Wisdom is embedded within our cells. We need right program to open the files in our cellular vault. When we let go of the intellect and connect with intelligence we gain access to universal wisdom. Universal wisdom is like Cloud storage for our files. All we need to do is subscribe to this storage that has been uploaded for us. In that storage we have access to Akashic records. In these files are entire journey from beginning of time to eternity.

Anatomy of Subtle body, why it’s important and How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body.

The subtle bodies are our senses. Like a security system that is always operating. This system alerts us of dangers. These days our cars have sensors that alert us. When we get too close to an object. Our subtle bodies alert us and work with us as a team. The alert us and make corrections before we do any damage. This is simple and automatic.

Subtle energies affect abundance, relationships, career paths our health on every level. Spiritual connections, mental, emotional and psychological.

More coming soon…

Sacred Spot Massage

Sacred Spot Massage Varies From Person to Person.

Over 20 years of Tantra Massage experience, I’ve discovered that location of Sacred Spot Changes.Sacred Spot Massage

When we involve our soul, spirit; our body goes into the no mind state. This is the state of bliss. At this point your entire body becomes your erogenous zone.

Simply because for that time, all time stops. When time stops, there is no division. We as fractured human beings feel the separateness from various parts of our body because we are not connected to our soul. A deeply spiritual man once said that the roots of a tree have a sound that is distinctly different to the sound of the trunk of a tree. Since everything is a vibration, it makes sense that these vibrations emit sounds. Everything in life is a massage of varying degrees. The way we caress our clothes, our face, our pet. All these are forms of massage. Massage is touch in motion.

What if you discovered a massage that has no movement.

When an energy touches you, it continues to caress you inside and out. Like ocean waves or like sitting on the edge of a running stream with your feet being caressed by the movement of the stream. this is also a sacred spot massage. The ripples of this stream flow through your entire body. Because it is not trying to change anything about you. Because the stream is just being the stream.

When all of your body is as one with itself – the Sacred Spot Massage is everywhere.

Stay with me through this new way of being. Remember – All of you is in bliss because there is no separation of your body, soul, spirit, mind and emotion. You are a whole vibrating beautiful being in absolute bliss. Any form of stimulation would bring you out of this bliss. To stimulate you would be like being disturbed out of a deep sleep where you feel you are in heaven.

This is what is in most of my video/audio talks with my clients. this is why my clients want to share. This is why there is a variety. Because each one of you is different. Therefore each person has their unique experience. This is also a healing session, not just tantric sex therapy. And there are many. Why? Because, occasionally – that would be a fluke. But consistently, that becomes a skill that can be relied upon.

In this video above a client talks about having that caress without being touched. And I’m not waving or stirring energy. It’s about having you connect with what is already within you, but you do not know it’s there because you have not tuned into your own frequency.

This Sacred Spot Massage tunes into your frequencies. The sacred Spot massage is the key to accessing this frequency. And it must be external and sometimes completely off your body. But you will feel it as if the touch is inside your body.

Your body is your planet. Much like sacred sites around the world, your body has sacred sites. The sacred sites around the world have become sacred because focus and energy has been focused on these areas. What if you gave your body the same reverence as sacred places around the world. What if you treated your body with the same regard you are treating any sacred object. There are various parts of your body and your life you are avoiding and even ignoring. In our session we access these areas that have been forgotten and bring them together. Your cells have their own soul. Cells have their own kundalini. Each cell has its own chakras. Each cell has its own brain.. Specific sacred spot massage makes these parts important enough to pay attention to. How deep do you think you will be able to connect to the bliss of acknowledgement?

Your body, your life, your world.

Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women

Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women is relative to where you are in your life and who you believe yourself to be.

If you are to be the woman you dream you are; we need to remove layers of restrictions that create division within your own psyche. These divisions impact physical, mental and relationship health. At different stages of life in ancient cultures we were  led by priests or High priestesses. These priests and priestess initiated people through their specific stages of life. Some priests and priestesses were born into the lineage or they were discovered. For these priests and priestesses attaining Chakra Kundalini Connection for Womentheir status was not an easy journey. They were tested to ensure their authenticity. When they struggled too much. It became obvious they were not ready for the role. It was not a given just because they participated in the test. They had to transcend each situation. Only the very best succeeded. Study with ancient mystery schools and bring them to current time.

With the health and wealth of the nation of tribe entrusted to the priests and high priestliness. They worked with chakra Kundalini connection for women that is the most sacred ceremony a woman can go through.  This engages higher consciousness. Higher consciousness is essential for clearing negative energies. And enjoying greater success in every aspect of life. Beyond the eternal struggle.

For example woman describing her personal Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women session and what that did for her.

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Depths of Tantric Union

Depths of Tantric Union is achieved when Satisfaction is felt simply because your ultimate Desire to be all of the universe is fulfilled.

When our physical senses are satisfied our mind can become still, focused, free. When the union of body mind soul is reached, we are suspended in place of exquisite unwavering pleasure. It is where the thinking mind cannot reside because it has nothing to grab onto.

To reach the depths of tantric union, one needs to go through four stages of initiation to reach the fifth stage that is self empowerment.

1. First it’s the Awakening Stage:  

Depths of Tantric Union

The awakening stage is the place of recognising the self. This is where the shell that kept you separate from your true nature falls away. My experience is for everyone that protection is more pronounced in different partsDepths of Tantric Union of their being.

2. Next the Cleansing stage: it’s where you begin to identify the blockages. So instead of identifying yourself with the blockages. These stuck energies are recognised as nothing other than interference patterns that we’ve taken on. These patterns are not us yet we have identified with them almost exclusively that they began to represent us. You are guided to connect with the source that knows where to be and how to be, all you need to do is invite it in.

When our mind is busy we feel stress and sense of divided feelings.

Feelings of separation within our bodies become so strong that we begin to seek solutions and satisfaction outside of us.

3. Absorption stage is the crucial factor:

Depths of Tantric Union

Following cleansing the empty space wants to be filled. Nature doesn’t have void. Everything is filled space, so, the absorption stage needs to be acquired and the same time as the cleansing stage.

4. Completion stage is the merging of all energy centers: This is the place where you become aware of the interdependence of all universal energies. WDepths of Tantric Unionhen everything is connected, the importance of this cannot be overlooked. Then you are just a few steps away from merging with your true self that you were originally born with. You chakras align themselves. Your kundalini moves itself through its own self knowledge.

5. Now you are in Depths of Tantric Union with the Self: This is where you can get lost. You have all the tools all the building materials you can bring in to build the house of dreams. So how do you put that together and what do you order and in what sequence?

Next step is where you begin to create the life you want to live. Designed by you, built by cooperative elements around you.

Depths of Tantric Union fulfils our ability to connect.

Our deepest desire of union is to feel whole in one self. Often this gets confused with merging with collective energies. Your completeness (this is ultimate alchemy) between two people where our desire is to dissolve into one  another begins with the merging with your own soul you were born with. When your soul is absorbed into your own body the next stage can be the merging with your loved one. That loved one can be a living partner or representation of eternal love spirit.

A timeless experience, an escape from the mundane drives us to search for pleasure. To escape from demands and pressures from structure that separates us. At this point any idea of romantic love may feel cumbersome, too much hard work. History tells us that romantic love comes with tremendous amount of baggage.

Depths of Tantric Union Connection Relieves deepest frustration.

Today as you seek, the last thing you want is emotional baggage; after all there is enough going on for you and every one of us. How can you feel complete inside of you while you carry emotional baggage within you. Often intimate relationships are based on emotional baggage.

When you need to feel that there is more to this lifetime, then Depths of Tantric Union Training is for you.

Once you feel relaxed then we can discuss further options. New pages have been added to this website to assist in supporting you at your  pace.  These options are available when that sense of inner peace and satisfaction have been reached. They are shared at your own pace.

Now if we really want to fly a jet we can learn to fly,  foundation training always begins on the ground. These pages are here, more info….

The Five essential pages below are essential read before calling for your appointment.

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