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Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires

Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires come from the heart not from the five senses.

The five senses are our outward consciousness. It’s the reactive part of us when disconnected from the heart. The inner consciousness is at the very core of us. This can only be accessed through passage of Soul and Spirit.

It’s vital that we find Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires or the desire will haunt you till you do.

When attempting to satisfy desire through objects of outer senses leaves out the love in your heart. Our Soul alone can be bound by these desires because in past life the soul was unable to reach fulfillment through outer senses. This very soul has a craving to have this desire fulfilled.

It’s vital that you find a way to fulfill this desire in purest way by accessing inner wisdom.

Alone this desire can haunt you for eternity. “The senses, mind, and intellect are said to be desire’s formidable stronghold; through these, desire deludes the embodied soul by eclipsing it’s wisdom. — The Bhagavad Gita 111.40

Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires Know that initially these desires are probably fears. It’s vital that we don’t take direct action on that feeling. If you want Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires we connect you to that desire through rhythm of your cellular vibrations. Beneath the feeling is the depth of the story of this desire. That is what your Soul, Spirit and Body truly seek. When you approach this desire as complete being the illusion that is masking your inner wisdom, disappears.

When you let go of attachment to body senses, new fulfilling feelings arise from deep within. Or you’ll never be free from that desire. You’ll move onto another and another. All the while, feeling the emptiness as you seek more and more satisfaction that cannot be filled.

The secret to  Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires is to feel it completely as a total being.

This then connects you to authentic Soul Consciousness and your desire will be fulfilled.

To do this it’s vital that you have guidance. Often when desire is fulfilled, the senses do not register the depths of satisfaction if you do not take the time to integrate. Integration is very important. Away from your friends, lovers, partners who have their own agendas. Their opinion can eclipse the whole experience and leave you even more empty. Simply because they were not present at that moment of transition.

The first spiritual law states that you need to connect with your life force for Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires. This life force flow comes from Eternal Consciousness within. Every human has the ability to do that. We just need right guidance.