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White Tantric Tantra Bodywork

Embark on a Journey of White Tantra Healing: A Holistic Approach to Vibrational Well-being

Welcome to a space where healing goes beyond the realms of traditional Tantric sex therapy. Here, we offer White Tantra Orgasmic Vibrational Healing – a sanctuary for your soul, spirit, and overall well-being. Before you call, it’s crucial to understand that what we provide transcends the limitations of Black or Grey Tantra. Our intention is to guide you on a transformative journey that nurtures your entire being.

One-on-One Vibrational Healing: Commence your healing journey with a personalized One-on-One bodywork, delving into the vibrational energies that have the power to reshape your body’s frequencies. As you experience this transformation, witness the rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit. Our aim is to refresh every aspect of your being, instilling wisdom, balance, and enrichment.

Private Life Coaching and Support: Our offerings extend beyond the healing session. Benefit from private life coaching and support, fostering a deep connection between your soul and body that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Develop the strength, tenderness, and courage needed to navigate your relationship with life effortlessly.

Private Retreats as Follow Up Immersion Therapies available on request: For the sincere seeker, we present Private Retreats as an immersive follow-up to your One-on-One appointment.

Uncover the secrets that have the potential to transform your life, exploring realms that heal even physical injuries. Host a Weekend or week-long retreat and discover the possibilities when working with both the seen and unseen dimensions.

Client Testimonials: Witness the impact of our work through firsthand accounts from clients who have experienced profound shifts. Gain insights into the transformative power of White Tantra healing and understand the depth of life that can be lived when limiting beliefs are dispelled.


Awakening to Real Healing: Take a moment to watch a video where a client shares the significance of their appointment. This video serves as an introduction to the power of real healing and provides deeper insights into what is possible. Eliminate distractions, immerse yourself in the experience, and prepare for an adventure in genuine life healing.

INTIMACY & LOVE with deeper understanding that heal human challenges

To introduce you to the power of real healing; this video takes you to deeper insight to what is actually possible. This will help make sense of the client videos within this site.

Before you assume that this is similar to what you have heard before please listen and then follow our guidance to your ultimate genuine adventure in healing your life.

Best way to introduce you to my work is to have my clients share their experiences. This way you are virtually in the room with us and in the moment of transition.

Preparation for Your White Tantra Experience: Before making that call, it’s crucial to understand that our approach is distinct from traditional Tantric sex therapy. We offer White Tantra, focused on absolute life healing, respecting your beliefs, values, and challenges. Prepare for a journey into the highest level of life awareness by familiarizing yourself with the provided information.

Connect with the Unseen Aspects of Your Life: At the core of our philosophy is the belief that what you don’t know can impact you. Let us guide you to connect with aspects of your life and body that you may currently be unaware of, paving the way for a transformative experience.

Embarking on a journey with us means choosing White Tantra healing that goes beyond the conventional. Prioritize your soul and spirit, break free from limiting beliefs, and step into a realm of absolute life awareness. When you’re ready to explore the depths of healing, we’re here to guide you on this transformative adventure.

Before you call.

  • Before you call we need you to know that Tantric sex therapy is Black or Grey Tantra  You will be safe here because we intend to take care of your soul and spirit as well.
  • What we offer is White Tantra, which is absolute life healing that heals your beliefs, takes care of your values and absolutely respects your challenges you may be facing no matter what they may be.
  • Highest level of life awareness.
  • To prepare for that please read about me.  I did not study with grey tantra or black tantra sex schools. But as you see I researched then thoroughly. Remember; what  you don’t know – will hurt you. For this reason everything on this site is nothing like is what is offered out there.
  • Clearly; we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t hear what we can’t hear. I’ll help you connect with aspects of your life and your body that you are currently totally unaware of.

Spiritual Healing Crisis

Spiritual Healing Crisis begins when we begin our Spiritual Search. More we search more confused we get.

We realise how vulnerable we are to all suggestions and to what is popular. The danger is that we just go to the nearest spiritual center. Just as you would go to nearest shopping centre. Nothing in that decision changes your life.Spiritual Healing Crisis

There is no transformation in just joining another group. This is the start of our Spiritual Healing Crisis. For true healing to be experienced there needs to be a transformation from our thinking process. A complete turnaround from every other human on the planet. Not just turnaround in belonging to another group.

We are in a Spiritual Healing Crisis when we begin our search. All we seek is a safe place to belong. A place in this world that is safe from judgement. A place where we are not exploited. Sexual exploitation is first thing to look out for. In deep Spiritual Healing Crisis we need direction. A path that leads us beyond this life. A place beyond just instant gratification. A path of honor, self respect and self worth.

There are many teachers who take advantage of the vulnerable by saying “if you have nothing to hide – then take your clothes off.

We are so vulnerable that our critical mind that is designed to keep us safe is suddenly at the mercy of their persuasion. Everyone else is doing it mindset sets in. And before we know it, we are one of the sheep following the rest of the vulnerable broken souls gathered together to comfort each other in the very trauma that is recreated in this group. But we are in this Spiritual Healing Crisis. In a crisis we cannot think for ourselves. Sadly, only years later you recognise the abuse of power.

Be careful, stop. Don’t just go for what the masses are doing. That is never the right path. We need to have someone who can help us change our feelings. One who has come through this maze of broken . One who identifies the Elephant in the Room immediately.

One who knows all the dangers. And one who absolutely knows that not all healers are healthy minded. Not all healers have your best interest at heart. Most are disconnected and broken. They need your hugs more than you need theirs


Unravelling Suffering

Unravelling Suffering is Ending of Ignorance. Conditioning keeps us in state of ignoring what is obvious.

There is a spiritual term  “ignorance is bliss”. We all grew up with these mantras. they are running in background of our Consciousness. You know when something is being ignored. But you do not know what to do about it. We live in ignorance of what is obvious. Yet we choose to ignore it. We then experience pain and separation from the truth. Separation from the truth causes Suffering. Suffering is feeling of separation and division. By unravelling suffering we go from ignoring what is closer than any knowledge. Ignoring knowledge is an illness.  Choosing suffering is what every human is conditioned to do.  Ignorance is root of all suffering.Unravelling Suffering

Ignoring limitless truth of self is source of all tragedy in every human being. In a split second there is opportunity to feel the bliss that you have ignored. A place full of grace and elegance. In the moment of no time there is no suffering. You have potential to feel nevana, heaven right here right now. Most of us have felt that at some time in our life. Retreat from fixation of suffering. Enter into spiritual bliss of innocence. Spiritual Bliss is a place of no self judgement. Feel pure innocence of being.

Unravelling Suffering comes from entering into being of the moment.

Not substituting fixation on pleasure or emptiness. It is a place of recognising yourself as totality of being. Entering into place of stillness is where deep healing is accessed. Unravelling Suffering does not mean that we focus on why we suffering. Or ignore suffering.  We are suffering because we have been ignoring that we are suffering. To the degree that you allow yourself to recognise your resistance to bliss is the degree that you are willing to know yourself. Like most people, I began my spiritual path as an escape from the hardness of world. Escape from drama of life. On my way I encountered even more suffering simply because I was more aware of the difference between suffering inner wisdom.

Embrace recognition of ecstasy and wholeness.

Is it safe to let go of resistance to being. Investigate the self. Stop and feel the freshness of simplicity being. Not seeking pleasure to overtake. Become the vibration of ecstacy beyond this world.

Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires

Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires come from the heart not from the five senses.

The five senses are our outward consciousness. It’s the reactive part of us when disconnected from the heart. The inner consciousness is at the very core of us. This can only be accessed through passage of Soul and Spirit.

It’s vital that we find Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires or the desire will haunt you till you do.

When attempting to satisfy desire through objects of outer senses leaves out the love in your heart. Our Soul alone can be bound by these desires because in past life the soul was unable to reach fulfillment through outer senses. This very soul has a craving to have this desire fulfilled.

It’s vital that you find a way to fulfill this desire in purest way by accessing inner wisdom.

Alone this desire can haunt you for eternity. “The senses, mind, and intellect are said to be desire’s formidable stronghold; through these, desire deludes the embodied soul by eclipsing it’s wisdom. — The Bhagavad Gita 111.40

Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires Know that initially these desires are probably fears. It’s vital that we don’t take direct action on that feeling. If you want Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires we connect you to that desire through rhythm of your cellular vibrations. Beneath the feeling is the depth of the story of this desire. That is what your Soul, Spirit and Body truly seek. When you approach this desire as complete being the illusion that is masking your inner wisdom, disappears.

When you let go of attachment to body senses, new fulfilling feelings arise from deep within. Or you’ll never be free from that desire. You’ll move onto another and another. All the while, feeling the emptiness as you seek more and more satisfaction that cannot be filled.

The secret to  Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires is to feel it completely as a total being.

This then connects you to authentic Soul Consciousness and your desire will be fulfilled.

To do this it’s vital that you have guidance. Often when desire is fulfilled, the senses do not register the depths of satisfaction if you do not take the time to integrate. Integration is very important. Away from your friends, lovers, partners who have their own agendas. Their opinion can eclipse the whole experience and leave you even more empty. Simply because they were not present at that moment of transition.

The first spiritual law states that you need to connect with your life force for Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires. This life force flow comes from Eternal Consciousness within. Every human has the ability to do that. We just need right guidance.

Understanding Lingam Consciousness

Understanding Lingam Consciousness as the beginningless form an endless pillar of light.

Lingam is pillar of light is felt when the union with infinite spirit is experienced. Here in my videos many clients describe this level of light and timelessness.

Linga is representation of the infinite; where time stops and access to all universal wisdom is simultaneously available. It is the light of inner experience that pours all over the body meeting with the earth energies. This is the experience my clients share with me.

This experience intensifies bliss. But the key is having the guidance of what to do with that bliss.

To access the Understanding Lingam Consciousness.

It’s necessary to have a very experienced advanced tantric practitioner who has had many lifetimes developing this level of awareness.

Understanding Lingam Consciousness comes through uniting your inner world with the outer reality. It is your personal journey between you and your soul/spirit/body and the source. You feel like you have been bathed from inside out. The clarity that comes with that is extraordinary.

In this video this man describes his experience in connection and instant connection to Understanding Lingam Consciousness.

LIsten to his awakening of how he had wasted much of his life and the options that are clearly presented to him.

In this article the description of shiva linga takes us to the truth of what my clients have expressed in their experiences. they state that “the linga by nature is a “crossing place” where the worlds are knit together by the shaft of Shiva. ( A tirtha- kshetra means a place of pilgrimage, where one might cross into the other world).”

That is what the weaving is about. It is not between the human man and woman during sex.

It is the blending the seen world with the unseen world. With clear intention and cooperation with your inner world you can touch this deep truth that is being expressed within the temple symbols.

Remember – the depiction of humans in embrace is a symbol that only the genuine seeker will ever touch.

This is why you need a teacher who knows the meaning. Not someone who interprets it into basic human survival mechanical reaction.Understanding Lingam Consciousness

The Jyotirlinga is the brilliant light that my clients describe. Please be sure to listen to their words all the way through the videos. Be assured that it will not make sense while you are in the early stages of your search for you. You cannot know anything until you actually experience it. Wisdom is not intellectual knowledge. Wisdom is actual expression of inner reality into outer reality. These must match.

In transition it’s vital you do not react or jump to conclusions that relate to the world you know and everyone else knows. The outer world is illusion until you really know you from inside out. This realisation occurs in an instant – then the Understanding Lingam Consciousness becomes reality. That is the Shiva dance. The dance and the merging between the seen and the unseen. Wisdom comes when true Merging of seen with unseen. This connect soul body with physical body with spirit body.


Physical emotional spiritual mental health

Physical emotional spiritual mental health integrated system in the western approach are divided when in reality they are complete and integrated  system.

Western approach blindly comparnetalises you by separating thoughts from emotions. It divides you. Emotions from our body organs. Spirituality from daily life. Spirituality is seen as something that is only possible when we leave earth plane. Or we engage in spiritually with a guru or a priest.

Physical emotional spiritual mental health is actually your connection to the god part of you within you body organs.

Why are your organs god? Because when one of them fails we are in danger of dying or being really ill. This is why we must treat them like you would treat most revered god. Only when you take care of your own organs can you possibly know what love really is. We take our body for granted. It is made to feel separate from our studies and from all mental conditioning. Much training focusses to ignore body pain and even pleasure. Our spiritual life is expected to be in a separate compartment. This means that we pull our the spiritual aspect from our Physical emotional spiritual mental health. Dissociation follows. It’s almost like pulling out all the oxygen out of the room and putting you on life support of onto an oxygen tank.

The spiritual part of you is the oxygen to Physical emotional spiritual mental health package.

This video shares how you can become a master not just a spectator in you life. One man’s story. He is one of many featured throughout this website. Everyone has their own element that needs to be reconnected that gives all energy systems life.

We need to recognise that it is the spirit of all our organs that moves us. What links them in a form of consciousness you or the medical profession does not take into account. Every Physical emotional spiritual mental health aspect has their own vibration. For example, your liver vibrates differently to you kidney. This is how scanning equipment identifies strength of your vital functions. Despite all evidence, medicine does not take that into account when dealing with the patient.

Each emotion has its own vibration and is connected to a specific organ.

This organ is then affected by the emotional vibration and responds either in a health giving way, or it suffers. When we study health and the environment healthy body needs we can find answer to Physical emotional spiritual mental health. When we study disease, we separate that organ, thought, feeling, emotion or body part. This separation causes dissociation.Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements

Because this is a tantra site we must include the sex organs. Sex organs also have access to wisdom of cells. Wisdom of cells connect soul body with physical body. Most tantra separates the sex organ and claims to connect it to the heart or another person. This in itself is a violation of Physical emotional spiritual mental health.

All your organs interact simultaneously. When one function is reduced it needs to have opportunity to connect more with the other organs. The frequency that links them could be the issue. If a pond does not have access to moving water it stagnates. It is the same with your Physical emotional spiritual mental health. The links can be the issue.

Our system defence is  made up of  our nervous system, our endocrine system. Our bones, ligaments and muscles need to  have interaction that are smoothe. Our digestive system is part of Physical emotional spiritual mental health.

Ongoing research is uncovering the ancient wisdom that has kept humans  healthy before they became disconnected from the very planet that sustains them. Reality is that it takes 20 years to update the literature used for training even in current digital times.

Our bodies give us immediate feedback when Physical emotional spiritual mental health lose connection.

Many people  shut 99% of their feelings off, simply due to not knowing about the range of feelings we are capable of. So we pretend they are not there. Whether you choose to acknowledge them or not, they are there. You feelings are much like the state of your home or office. You may have dust everywhere. It may be in places that cannot be seen. That does not mean you will not suffer from asthma as a result. Just because you choose to pretend it is not there or dust is not important, does not mean it is not affecting you. You do not need to analyze the dust. You do not even need to measure it. Just be aware that it is interfering with the quality of your environment. if it does not appear to affecting you, it may be the beginning of  some disease. Chemical sprays on our food are the same concept. They may not appear to be causing damage for decades. The accumulation of the chemicals eventually affect out bones, skin and even our mental status.

By pretending these do not link to Physical emotional spiritual mental health does not mean you are not affected. Physical emotional spiritual mental health affect your intimate relationships.

Emotions can be reactions or signals. They can be a cleansing or rebuilding of energies. They can be a signal that unwanted or unhealthy minds are de-stabilising our life. Feelings of being repressed and suppressed aren’t always identifiable. This is because we have not been made aware of our range of opportunities. Humans smoke, take prescription drugs. Have processed foods and treated water. Air pollution, and noise pollution shut down our links to Physical emotional spiritual mental health connections.

I often hear people say, “but I’m OK”. Ok is a poor state of being. Accepting generic way of surviving without ever exploring every opportunity is as close to incarceration as you can get. Most people live in a self imposed cage or prison. They identify with the limitation imposed upon them simply because they are not aware of the completeness that all of Physical emotional spiritual mental health connection offers.

Our culture has us pretend that we have no knowledge of our systems. We are conditioned to seek from just one source. Culturally we tend to go from one idea to the other. On the way discarding the one that we left. The whole system of healing and awareness can only be achieved by linking where you come from to where you want to be. Not discard where you have been. In the process of linking; transformation or alchemy occurs.

Why?  you say. Everyone says you need to let go. If you are letting go from the mindset that created it, you are not letting go. You are bullying. Making things worse. It is then that you need to let your own Physical emotional spiritual mental health DNA wisdom be heard. It will be heard and understood in the range of frequency, not the intellect. Your inner intelligence has not been contaminated. It has been buried. No one can take away the original imprints of inner knowing. They can only blind you until you declare that is enough interference and control.

Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women

Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women is relative to where you are in your life and who you believe yourself to be.

If you are to be the woman you dream you are; we need to remove layers of restrictions that create division within your own psyche. These divisions impact physical, mental and relationship health. At different stages of life in ancient cultures we were  led by priests or High priestesses. These priests and priestess initiated people through their specific stages of life. Some priests and priestesses were born into the lineage or they were discovered. For these priests and priestesses attaining Chakra Kundalini Connection for Womentheir status was not an easy journey. They were tested to ensure their authenticity. When they struggled too much. It became obvious they were not ready for the role. It was not a given just because they participated in the test. They had to transcend each situation. Only the very best succeeded. Study with ancient mystery schools and bring them to current time.

With the health and wealth of the nation of tribe entrusted to the priests and high priestliness. They worked with chakra Kundalini connection for women that is the most sacred ceremony a woman can go through.  This engages higher consciousness. Higher consciousness is essential for clearing negative energies. And enjoying greater success in every aspect of life. Beyond the eternal struggle.

For example woman describing her personal Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women session and what that did for her.

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