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Vulnerability needs to practiced only in safe place till you build up your ability to discern different energies.

To understand what you are feeling and how that affects every aspect of life is beginning of mastery. It’s important that your therapist is grounded in reality. That they clear realisation of truth and the fantasy that we are often sidetracked by.

Clearly vulnerability is the stage of transition from fixed idea of how the world is to the universal truths.

In the process of connecting to your vulnerability you are guided to act constructively. Not deconstructing anything because at this stage there is no clear experience of what your current reality is. For this reason, in your vulnerability session you need to completely trust your guide.


Choosing the right person to walk the walk with you not just talk through it. This video helps you understand  how to choose where to be vulnerable and how to bring your power to you. It’s in two parts. First one is to set to play automatically.

Vulnerability is a spiritual place you go to – to gather your energies.

To get there you need to be in a fortress of safety. Knowing universal laws is the foundation for such experience. There needs to be tremendous respect from both sides. Your mentor needs to have deep regard for your entire life.

Part two of body intelligence series and wisdom of creating the right space for new ways of living. Make certain you listen to  part one first. Please don’t assume the content. Naturally for you – your experience will be totally you. Please press play.

It’s vital we have clear understanding of universal laws that are revealed during this session. You are guided to understand and clearly see that instantly. Videos throughout the site will give you an example of that. Pillar of light is Lingam and it’s your kundalini awakening. These are described in the videos.