Adventure of Your spirit is about  you finding your voice in your behaviour.

Needs must to honoured respected and integrated in finding what you love doing. In this self discovery adventure, identify how that contributes to the world needs where you feel valued.

Attitude of spirit is your personal Adventure.

  • Comparing, competing for a sense of personal worth moves us away from finding our voice.

Free to be me Adventure is attitude of spirit

  • This creates a profound alienation from everyone around us. These days we are under tremendous pressure to either compete or to comply. Everyone is also under pressure to follow the latest trends without questioning their purpose or validity.

Being just one of the crowd is bondage. There is no freedom to express you.

  • In competing we are caught up in separation.
  • In following the latest trend we are just sheep doing as we are told.

When you follow the crowd you feel you are expressing yourself. But if you really take a good look, you’ll notice that you really have no voice.

In competing you lose your voice and get lost in a crowd. You definitely need to follow your own path that connects you with other people who have committed their lives to living in self empowerment. Your adventure is found while supported by skilled focused people. Finding your voice is your adventure of recognising your freedom and power to choose by establishing trust in knowing there is an intelligence that is hard-wired by its very nature.

For example; there are intelligence working within our body and our life that are operating automatically that have incredible brilliance.

  • Your body is a remarkable machine. All parts work in harmony or disharmony. Outwardly, to a well trained and life experienced person; it is absolutely obvious in how you feel within you body and mind.  Our bodies affect our emotions and how we relate to each other. People’s basic need is to feel whole in personal relationships. How you feel at work and within their social circle. Living with integrity within ones conscience. Keep the body healthy and strong. Adventure of the mind is Learning to live outside your comfort zone  while collaborating with people who are committed to maintaining high standards and valuable skills.

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