Quality Relationships

Quality Relationships begin by paying attention; nurturing ourselves differently. When you value you; you take care of you .

As you take care of yourself, you learn new ways of caring. This new way you bring to people who matter. When you treat your partner with equal or greater care; this becomes your foundation for quality relationships in every area of life. For sexual abuse and shamanic de-armouring enter here.Quality Relationships never let Relationships

Quality relationships begin with feelings of being excited about your own life. Things change and an ability notice change. Next level is identifying and being aware that change is coming. Sense change before it begin is  key to significant quality relationships. Anticipating solutions is way out of problems. Like a surfer; he/she moves up and down the length of the surf board. If they do not do that, the surf boarding pretty much terminates. Surfer ends up tumbling in the power of the wave as opposed to riding the wave. Building relationships is a daily interaction that shows up in the environment. Your environment reflects your true feelings. Sometimes we do not notice changes simply because we are not aware of the signs. This is when you need someone who can see what you cannot see.

If you want a place to practice your interactions check out our volunteer training. In that space you have opportunity exchange skills that help you take action in areas that you may not be skilled. This also uncovers your significant skills or insights to everyone on your team.

Here you have opportunity to put your thoughts and ideas into action. You interact with people you are really dedicated to learn about energy of disconnectedness that most of human population lives in. Learn connectedness on an entirely different level. This is combined with developing deep meaningful friendships. People coming together to participate in really enjoying growth and personal expression on a deeper level.

This shows up in your personal life, and our personal life is where we know  whether we are significant in our personal life.

When you are pleased with your surroundings and our environment you have the ability to recognise the essence of  quality relationship. Feel the feeling of how to nurture ourselves is reflected in the partner we have chosen. How we feel about ourselves is reflected in quality relationships. This shows up in our relationships with our children, friends, co-workers, home, food and all of nature. People often suffer simply due to being deeply disconnected from themselves. Disconnection with self results in rejecting our partner’s advances. Life can feel that it has no meaning because our inner light is dim. This can leave you feeling isolated and dissociated from your purpose plunging you in feelings of self doubt.

“Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction, don’t let any prude tell you otherwise.”

— St Teresa of Avila.

 Welcome to your uncharted territory of the love within you. 

Sadly most people have become comfortable with the familiar even when that no longer serves your needs.

Some call me saying “I want the same feeling I experienced with that other Tantra service, or I’ve been around tantra groups. That is extreme ignorance and disrespect towards the tantra message displayed on the Tantric Temples”. This is like expecting your current lover to be the same as the one you had 2 years ago. And you do. Your partner is also wanting progress, but we  do not recognise this until it becomes a problem. In doing so you are limiting your life experiences to having the same thing over and over again. People end up seeking the same experiences in another. Recognising that fulfilment is first creating quality relationships within their own life is where we begin.

Quality Relationships begin with living in purpose. 

 Living on purpose creates a specific vibration brings a specific vibration to a relationship that others recognise flowing from within you. This flow seems to reach people around you in a meaningful way. Everything is a vibration it is the quality of the vibration that we need to be able to identify. It’s like playing a musical instrument or singing. We instinctively pick up a feeling of the sound being off or on. Learning to read the feelings of the person listening is a mystical skill.



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