What we really want to identify is your FEELINGS THAT DAMAGE AND FEELINGS THAT HEAL.

Vibrational feelings are at all times within our bodies. Because most people tend to live in their heads vibrational feelings are not felt till activated.

Everything in the universe is vibration. Every word you utter affects people around you for days. Every thought you think is a frequency that travels beyond your bWhat we really want to identify is your FEELINGS THAT DAMAGE AND FEELINGS THAT HEAL.rain. You know that your thoughts can keep you awake all night. Or they can propel you to new heights.

That includes the phone, computer, the apple. Vibrational feelings are in the meal you’re about to enjoy.  Vibrational feelings are activated when you are with your family, your lover, when you’re driving you are in another vibration. When with your lover your vibration often adapts itself according to the emotions your are feeling at that time. What we really want to identify is your FEELINGS THAT DAMAGE AND FEELINGS THAT HEAL. Then follow the feelings that heal. These feelings will always keep you safe and on track living the life you love to live.

Free your genius open your mind to pleasure of Vibrational Feelings that create the life you love to live.

When you free your brain from your intellect (which is our conditioning). Only then can you enter into the intelligence of your DNA. Science has now demonstrated that it is the energy frequency that often begins with thought and the environment we end up in that affects how our DNA vibrates in cooperation with the feelings. When you align yourself with the feelings flowing withing you need direction. Direction prepares you to explore all your desires.

          “I never teach people, I just provide the conditions in which they can learn.”                
  — Albert Einstein  1879 -1955

Identifying vast variety of Vibrational feelings and the meaning of each one of the vibrational feelings.

Within these vibrations you are experiencing your world. This is foundation of self mastery. The way of the genius is ability to access your own knowledge to pleasure feelings from within instantly. Like Albert Einstein I provide the environment for you to access your pleasure. Within this environment I guide you to connect to that part of you that naturally flows. You connect with that part of you that’s aching to be connected.

We can never create through resistance. We’ve have been conditioned by society to resisting & holding back pleasure all our life.

You are the genius within you. Genuine Tantra accesses our ecstasy immediately just like these people in the videos on this page and many others in reviews page. Please don’t just skim through the pages or you’ll miss the most significant experience in your life. Begin by exploring your inner journey your personalized adventure of Tantra beginning with the VIDEOS ON THIS PAGE.





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