River of Love

River of Love is you place of absolute power.

This is a process of Uncovering you true essence and protection from fear and aloneness. The only reason you seek tantra at any time is at a time of crisis in your life. When life is going great there is no need for any kind of therapy.

River of Love

Let’s be honest right off. Every challenge needs a person who has gone through their own personal challenges. Every situation is dependent on the wellbeing of your mind emotions and your body. When everything is flowing – no matter what happens becomes an asset in life. We were conceived through a river of love. For some this river of love was tainted during conception, gestation or birthing process. For others their river of love contaminated through other events in life such as disease, poor family relationships, loss of a loved one. For others disconnection to river of love occurred through abuse either chemical substances, sexual, mental, emotional or physical. For others it was through psychic means.

River of LoveĀ is our spiritual world of protection.

When this world of protection is compromised we lose our spontaneity that set our foundation of relationships. Rigid upbringing, even loving relationships are often rigid. You are showered with river of love when you do what your family or society approve of. But if they do not approve, because it is different; or you are ostracized.

Departure from the rigid norm (loving or otherwise) can result in withdrawal of river of love.

This is the time for you to seek refuge with other people who have awakened to the rigidity of the social conditioning including the dark side of Tantra. Dark or Black Tantra is another form or mind control by a conditioned placid society that seeks a guru to tell them to even have sex.

We introduce you to Kapua Therapy. If you are sincere about reclaiming your River of Love we will bring you into divergent thinking and living. This unleashes the pulse that rearranges your cells to a place where you can hear your genuine inner voice. Develop life skills in relationships.


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