Boost Your Intelligence

Boost Your Intelligence by Eating Raw Eggs Daily.

If you want to experience life on your most effective level, intelligence has to be at the top of the list.

One of the top foods (in my experience) that is incredibly high in nutrients readily available especially high-quality direct from nature, full of healthy protein and essential fats for the brain and simplest food for your body to process.

Boost Your Intelligence

  • Whole raw certified organic eggs best nutritionally complete food.
  • Start your day with four eggs and this shall set you up for the rest of your day.
  • If you ever feel like your brain is foggy or feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day have a raw egg straight out of the shell.
  • The most compact and easy to get at protein that feeds the brain.
  • Raw eggs is on top of the list of regenerative nutrition as most people’s diets are deficient in high quality fats and proteins that are essential for nerves, hormones, brain.
  • The essential fatty acids combined with niacin, biotin choline, vitamin A, D, E, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and much more.

How to have your raw eggs to Boost Your Intelligence.

  • Tap the bottom part of the egg cracking it sufficiently to soften the shell but not split it completely.
  • Then make a small hole at the pointy end of the egg and suck the content. Normally I feel immediate mental clarity.
  • True miracle food. (If you are concerned about salmonella please do your own research – there are many great article on safety of raw eggs).
  • I only use certified organic eggs. (video coming soon)

Cramps or inability to sleep; the best of all resources to find relaxation within just a few moments in my experience as well as to boost your intelligence is a simple raw egg sucked straight from the shell.

In my experience cramps disappear within seconds of having a raw egg.  

Cooked eggs do very little Boost Your Intelligence.

  • In my experience do not have the same effect.Resources
  • Cooked eggs are also very difficult to digest.
  • When eating cooked eggs to assist in digesting them – digestive enzymes can be very effective along with probiotics.
  • Cooked eggs can make you feel quite heavy.
  • Smells fantastic though, so have that as a treat occasionally.

Safety of Raw Eggs to Boost Your Intelligence.

  • Some people may be allergic to cooked eggs or just raw eggs, therefore proceed with caution.
  • Boost your intelligenceBarn raised chickens can be classified as Free Range because they are not in cages, so they are free range but they live indoors.
  • Ensure (for raw egg recipe) you use only free range certified organic eggs (check the status of free range, there are many variations of free range terminology these days, some farmers raise chickens in barn but not caged, this can be termed free range).
  • Make sure chickens graze on grass outdoors, the packaging can be deceptive.
  • Salmonella is far more possible when raised in indoor environment, or enclosure that is not relocatable.

My personal experience at a Free Range Organic Egg Farm, involved in every step of egg production cleaning and packing and chicken maintenance.

They roamed free protected by Maremma Sheepdogs (beautiful companion dog or working dog used as flock guardian dog) from foxes and predatory birds.

Boost Your Intelligence dog working dog

A highly intelligent animal that require mutual respect. 

The environment hens enjoyed and supported.

The eggs were collected every late afternoon to dusk.

The sheds they slept in overnight were moved every two to three days and their grazing area also relocated.
chicken organic free range

This gave them fresh grass but more importantly, their chicken poo was left to fertilize the land as they moved onto fresh pastures.

This  as you can imagine this greatly reduces the risk of salmonella.

Further-more, I also collected, cleaned and packed the eggs.

Who knew? So much more is considered in the organic industry to keep the produce as close to nature as is humanly possible. No interference, nature has it’s own natural protection.

Certified organic eggs are hand cleaned with water, in doing so the egg retained the protective coating that surrounds the egg shell, this also kept eggs fresh while creating a barrier.

Now you know what you are paying for. If you really want to boost your intelligence you don’t want any additional chemicals.

Tractors, large parcel of land to be able to move their overnight shelter. People power for sorting, cleaning, packing.

  • According to certain sources; Commercial eggs are cleaned with chemicals or detergent probably by machines.chicken caged farm
  • Chemicals also interfere with the natural protective coating of the egg that is deposited as the egg is hatched.
  • The process probably removes this coating.
  • When cleaned chemically or with detergent. The protective layer is also washed away, then replaced by chemical coating.
  • My thoughts on that are; the eggshell is porous.
  • The chemicals would be absorbed by the shell. The inner content would also be absorbed by the content of the egg.
  • I choose pure nature any day.
  • Then again majority of supermarket eggs come from chickens raised indoors standing in their own poo, contamination is much more prevalent, therefore procedures are put in place. 


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