Depression Can Affect Relationships

Depression Can Affect Relationships. Sadly that is often overlooked. Depression sometimes presents itself as not paying attention.

Other symptoms;

  • Avoiding communication.Depression Can Affect Relationships
  • Withdrawing into your own space.
  • Seeking activities as a distraction from the true cause of failing relationships. 
  • Some are drawn to addictions such as drugs, sex addiction, alcohol.
  • According to some reports; transient depression can also be caused by low blood sugar.
  • Diabetes and hypoglycemia can often influence your mood.
  • Chronic depression and transient depression we’ll address separately.

Try this.

  • Identify the sources of stress following a major event.
  • This may go back to early childhood.
  • Write the problem down.
  • Use pen or pencil and paper.
  • Digital notes do not have the same affect. 
  • Do your own research – New research on antidepressants report here.

Follow through by re-framing that event.

  • Doing creative things for problem solving can change your mood immediately.
  • Having a goal that is bigger than the problem is the only way to follow through.
  • Often people who experience depression have felt repressed and unheard.
  • This can often make them withdraw.
  • Try expressing your feelings.

An individual may seek a sex therapist thinking that would fix their problem. Without realising that Depression Can Affect Relationships. In that case, Sex Therapy would be just a band-aid solution.

Conditioning can also be the reason for depression. When we are conditioned to live in a certain way, act in a way that is decided for us. Or told how we should feel. All that can make a person feel insignificant. This can lead to seeking a quick fix.

Depression Can Affect Relationships and often does but because we are conditioned to fit in.

  • We may not realise that we are depressed.
  • Your friend or partner or a family member may be actually suffering.
  • Depression is a form of suffering.
  • That is a sad way to be living this most precious life.
  • I choose to believe that we are only here once.
  • Make this life really count.
  • When we make today significant, other days and other dimensions open up.

Some Causes of depression.

  • Stressful life experiences.
  • Early childhood trauma.
  • Health problems.
  • Physical injuries.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Lack of support.

Signs of Depression Can Affect Relationships. These may include one or multiple symptoms.

  • Loss of interest. 
  • Reckless behaviour.Depression Can Affect Relationships
  • Negative thoughts even when you try not to think. 
  • Inability co concentrate.
  • Difficulty in paying attention when interacting with people.
  • Consuming larger amounts of alcohol.
  • Irritability.
  • aggression.
  • change in sleep patterns.
  • Change in appetite.
  • Feeling of helplessness.
  • Feelings of hopelessness.
  • Reckless sexual practices.
  • difficulty in focusing.
  • Making decisions.
  • Ability to follow through.
  • Increase in physical pain.

Choose Love or you may experience disconnect. This may become Depression. This Can Affect your Relationships.

In next blog I’ll offer some solutions. I am not a doctor. I do have personal experience of people with depression. Most people have experienced that at some time in their life. Some either fell deeper into depression or found their way out. No one is immune. Seek immediate help if you feel despair or hopelessness.

In next blog I’ll cover some creative and nutritional solutions that you may find useful.

There are healthy things we can do. My intention is to help you recognise some issues. These are often overlooked interpreted as just bad behaviour. For others, it’s lethargy. For some it’s disinterest. Healthy body healthy mind. We make better decisions. We communicate compassionately with each other. Imbalances in body/mind makes the person withdraw. This is body’s self preservation system conserving energy.

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