Kundalini Healing

Kundalini Healing now is more critical than ever.

Kundalini awakening is offered as a quick fix by many who attended short courses. That’s like Kundalini Healingtrying to turn a seed into a plant while it remains sealed in a jar. Many people have had this therapy and are suffering the consequences. For kundalini to awaken safely, you need the right environment. Many sex therapist are messing with this energy. What happens there is that it leaks out. When you have a violent reaction to kundalini awakening or when it is accessed in tantric sex setting, it resists. This is why you see people writhing in what to an untrained eye looks like ecstasy, is actually resistance of this energy to come forth. A tantric sex therapy setting is not the place to play around with the kundalini.

Your body is already burnt out. Kundalini healing needs to be your starting point.

Hormones are related to human relationships. When we begin to heal human relationships – our hormonal system responds favourably. When we begin to stabilise our life is the time to seek Kundalini awakening. But first we need to work with our pineal gland. That is the seat of wisdom. When you search from a place of wisdom, then you find the aware therapist who will ensure your safety comes before the technique. Kundalini healing calms your body systems. This heals the communication gap between the mind and the body wisdom. this brings about changes in the brain functions.

Kundalini Healing is dependent on toning frequencies.

During the session, it’s essential your therapist guides you to adjust your sound and movement. Initially the client is inclined to react as if they are experiencing ecstasy or in pain. Neither of these are healthy signs. Kundalini healing heeds to accompany Kundalini Awakening.

In this video this woman describes how I work with my guides who spoke to her through the session.

For her the guides explained to her the process all the way through. She and I are now refreshing her experience. We bring clarity to ensure she understood the power of what she just experienced and how this fits into her life from now on.

For some feelings of nausea can occur. This is a sign that you are detoxing. The key is to ensure that is not just a reaction. At that point your therapist needs to adjust the direction of your connection. Remember it is all about engaging with you – not just doing it to you.

I see many videos on line where the therapist is moving energy up the body of their client. The truth is that the energy needs to make the move itself for it to be kundalini healing. You can damage kundalini by making it moves through the debris of blockages that your body has collected over the decades.

In this video a man shares what he felt. Remember we are all different.

When there is lack of knowledge in the client then the outcome of kundalini therapy can be depression and limiting beliefs. They become delusional and believe they are awakened. We need to mindful of the ego of the therapist and the client.

Most people live on unnatural foods. Fresh food is all sprayed with chemicals, therefore it is not healthy. While it looks fresh these sprays enter our body. This further distorts our levels consciousness. First we address fear of the unknown. The unknown is the bliss the real Kundalini healing awakening brings. The known is what you have seen on line where people are gyrating to the energy. This is the level of the known we have. Remember – what is popular is often a system designed for the masses. Kundalini healing is customised. Kundalini Healing takes in all of your life not just the energy of the kundalini. Like driving, first we need a destination and a purpose for that otherwise you are just using up fuel and energy for no reason.


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