NO KARMA Tantra where You are not alone. This is a NO KARMA Tantra.

Your Doorway to consciousness opens when we explore on a deeper level and on purpose.

  • Times have changed. We all face tremendous many challenges.
  • We all seek to fill in the gaps that confuse us within our relationships.
  • GapsNo Karma Tantra that hurt.
  • Gaps that separate.
  • This service is for everyone seeks to feel whole.
  • Don’t presume spirituality where there is none.
  • What you have read until now is from sites that offer sex training by unconscious people claiming to be conscious lovers.
  • Remember these people are working with sex organs of clients all day every day all year.
  • They are stuck, in psychological darkness.
  • Cannot be avoided if one wakes up to their day of to having sex with strangers who are coming purely to have their what these idiots refer to as Linga and Yoni to make it sound spiritual.
  • Now they even claim to massage female prostate, that should really ring danger, danger, danger.

There never was any healing tantra for women in east read this link. In India South East Asia and China, women were used by men who fed off female energies to supposedly extend their life.

They were only ever used by male aspirants to feed off their energy then discarded once they matured read the link written by insiders.

This website’s services are committed to healing men and women who have been mislead by current tantric sex schools.

You are not the only person they see as they are doing this soul destroying work.

If they believe it’s spiritually beneficial then you should be very worried about having them messing with your Chakras, emotions, mind, body and your fragile energy fields and Kundalini.

Don’t let then mess with your defences. Doorway to consciousness begins to open by breaking down all the lies you bought when you were vulnerable.

Why am I saying this. Because people call me to provide them with that ugly truth they read somewhere else. Without reading of listening to any of my client recordings because they expect me to be lying at they are. I’m fed up with that – genuine clients only thank you.

I know you are vulnerable so this is to prepare you to save you from beautiful lies that are out there including ones who trained with some guru.

  • Because out there it all leads to one thing.
  • How can we have just one interpretation of a truth.
  • That would be manipulation of truth, so be careful.
  • Learning discernment is first step to living consciously empowered by seeing the pervasive dark side.
  • People have right to do what they want to do with their life it’s the misleading stuff that is nowhere in the tantric teachings that I object to.
  • Sex service is just that it is not conscious healing, don’t call it tantra.

Jail on earth is new age spiritual unconsciousness that follows you to the other side when your time comes to move on.

  • I also have high regard life after death because I’ve had a near death experience and am aware that we do not live in vacuum here on earth.
  • PLUS, I’ve had a relationship that came from a dark place and did not realise that till well into the relationship and would not wish play dumb with any of you.
  • If you wish to work with the light I’d love to work with you.
  • My intention is to help you in defining, clarifying your core values and life goals.
  • To identify and remove unconscious blocks and limitations.
  • Together we shall establish structure in your life and boundaries to ensure you reach your goals of raising your consciousness.
  • You are here to seeking to FIND YOUR POWER CENTER AND create a healthy life space for you and your current and/or future relationships.
  • Most people who are co-dependent begin to seek Tantra then end up becoming dependent of tantra therapist for answers.
  • You have answers within you that I’ll help you recognise on your journey to self reliance.

First to prepare you for our conversation, you’ll click on the most important pages of this site listed below.

  1. Reviews to listen to clients describing their experiences you never knew were possible.
  2. About Katie
  3. Home page
  4. Elite Tantric Origin, shares with you how Elite Tantra began. And
  5. Truth and the meaning of the word Lingam really. Most people just repeat things they hear without checking for themselves. I did the research for you, so here is a link  a  what LINGAM is in every living essence.
  6. My training with American Indian Medicine Wheel – this helps you understands how what I do is made possible.
  7. Check out Volunteer Training page to appreciate the diversity, sincerity and your opportunity for growth.

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