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End Spiritual Suffering

End Spiritual Suffering By Taking Care of Your Body First. Then by helping at least one other person achieve what you have achieved.

In the meantime you continue to expand beyond your five senses. Where most people make End Spiritual Sufferingthe biggest mistake is that they stop at just one level of achievement. it is just like a baby lifting its head and says yep, I’ve lifted my head. I only did you another thing to the rest of my life. In case you find the baby to be retarded. So in reality when you achieve once they stop at that level you are a man of retarded adult. There is a dumbing down of society. I’m sorry to be so blunt. That is what most people have done. Particularly in the line-up tantra.

Therefore to End Spiritual Suffering we need to look at the same way. We are beginning like that newborn is trying to lift its head. as you continue to grow with in the other dimensions as well is physically and mentally and emotionally, you have access to all the knowledge embedded in your cellular memory. Your spirit has embedded programming.

In our upbringing due to immunisation toxic food toxic clothing air and human interactions we lost. Personal development mentor skilled in this area can help you move through this stage of detoxification efficiently.

We put an End Spiritual Suffering when we share with others our personal journey.

Sharing is the highest level of personal growth. Sharing is the highest level of personal satisfaction. When we give and receive tenfold. When we give we are energised. When we give we receive energy rather than lose it.

Mostly, our spiritual suffering as a result of competition and lack of creation within our lives. it is result of division and being manipulated by the system. Whether the system is spiritual of the church will support if we let that affect every aspect of our life and we suffer. In fact many experts professional footballers actors don’t know where their work stops in how to have their personal lives flourish. We hear of most professional sporting people actors musicians of brilliant at what they do. Why, that’s because they put so much time into it. Within condition to put time into our profession. We have gone to school at 10, 12 maybe the 20 years if you got universities. Therefore we been trained to do brilliantly at work or at our profession. But there has been absolutely no time to develop  our life skills in relationships. This is why you hear a lot of the problemsof abuse including sexually abuse in the work environment. Because these are personal relationships that we have not mastered. We’ve chosen to overlook that.

The Only way to End Spiritual Suffering is to begin to be very aware of how we treat our environment. 

by that I mean the air we breathe. Our air is also a spirit. The water we drink is also spirit energy. The food we eat with a with animal plant or milk these carry spirit energies. Everything has a consciousness. We have only divided ourselves from the consciousness of everything that keeps alive. In doing so will also divide ourselves from our partners and families and communities. It is within these are spirit energies. End Spiritual Suffering we do in our volunteer training or in a private retreats as a follow-up to one-on-one appointments. On Going Mentoring to End Spiritual Suffering is adapted to your past history and lifestyle challenges. Then may extend to business Spirit energy mentoring.

When the news tells us about these transgressions we get angry. Why should we be surprised.

To End Spiritual Suffering Right now today we need to begin to talk about it. When we don’t have the skills where all we do is talk about the problem, then we do not create warm caring yet respectful relationships in the workplace. Understand the difference between anger management and healing the source of your anger.

People who have been inappropriately treated need special support. People who are continuing in inappropriate behaviour need special attention to. If you are having special challenges in your behaviour contact me immediately to stop right here right now and help you grow. You can End Spiritual Suffering Right now. Because if you are participating in inappropriate behaviour you are suffering deeply from this association. I’m here to help you.


Stillness of the Mind

Stillness of the Mind Awakens the Heart and Soul. Path of liberation from suffering. Release pain, sorrow, addictions.

Stillness of the Mind brings awareness that expands ability to see without distraction. Brings confidence and strength to live with full consciousness. Your physical, mental and emotional experiences change. In reality, to be liberated from suffering of root of fears and pain, we need new feelings and thoughts. To put new feelings and ideas into action to create new reality.

Stillness of the Mind

You want to go beyond dreams, concepts and to bring new reality into your life. But all therapist and coaches to date have been incapable of helping you make your dreams a reality. To dream a new dream into life with amazing people around you who support you. We need people with new minds to create new realities. It takes strength and courage to move from the current reality you want to change.

Going beyond conditioned feelings reactions, perceptions thoughts and established consciousness needs powerful influences.

If you don’t do beyond these sufferings and challenges in this lifetime you’ll be born again to suffer through same despair, sorrow and pain in next lifetime.

When you see the truth, there is no division. Holistic perception frees the programmed mind completely.

You want to never be born again into these levels of sufferings and control. When the gross part of your frustrations, jealousy, envy, lust, sexual frustration, physical pain vanish; mental confusion subsides. New life begins instantly. You no longer live in duality that brings about conflict in life.

Free all Ignorance & Inner Conflict through Stillness of the Mind.

In the Stillness of the Mind we become aware of the subtle influences that perpetuate suffering in life. These are experienced simultaneously. Not analysing endlessly and getting caught up in the journey of releasing pain. If you do that you accumulate more lifetimes of suffering.

Together we walk the walk of compassion, joy, compassion, cooperation and collaboration. These elements are the tools that liberate you from suffering. Together we create your new life.

Together we do what you do not know what to do and how to do. Together we walk the Path of liberation from pain, sorrow, addictions.

Now live the reality of your creation.

If we analyze past pain, we are not bringing new meaning to your life. If we analyze we are using energy on the past. What we need is new energy to build new pathways of building your new you. Go beyond pursuit of pleasures that never satisfy beyond that moment. When we focus on sensual pleasure, if your are really honest with yourself you frustration often follows. Frustration is result of ending of that pleasure. And there is an emptiness your seek to fill again. When you reach Stillness of the Mind observation is clear and able to take action. The inability to take action beyond ingrained patterns disappear. Time and thought are root of fear. Stillness of the Mind stops time and thought. Clarity of seeing exactly what to do and how to do that becomes actual truth in your life. Contact us to let go of suffering and begin your new life. This is not theory or teaching. This is reality that many clients share throughout this site within the videos.

Know what Matters to you to know you

Know what Matters to you to know you. Truth comes out when you know what is important.

Know what Matters to you to know youYour personal world is locked away from you until you know what is important in your life. This is not an intellectual knowing, it’s a deep cellular knowing that rises from inside you. When the spirit you were born with rises from within you and speaks is the most profound moment in your life. For many this is frightening. We have been condition to have someone from outside of ourselves tell us what to do.

Almost robotically, in a programmed fashion we just follow the prompts. Never considering that we are just reacting mindlessly yet confused in mind and body.

When Spirit is heard, then you to “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

When you follow instructions from an external source, just check for the feeling inside you. Depending on the level of your awareness of Your Spirit Presence the feeling can be confusing. For some this can be frightening. We have not been taught or guided to remember our soul and spirit who are our link to universal wisdom. This wisdom is available to every living being, animal, plant, sea, rivers, mountains and every creation of universe.

Connecting to Nature is links your organic body to earth body to open gateway for you to “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

This “Inner Knowing” brings you to earth frequency vibrations that heal every area of your life. “Bring Order Into Your Life” and stop multitasking. When multitasking we are living by default, and that clouds our judgement. When Multitasking – you are not present. You are just going through the motions on automatic. On automatic there is no soul.

When Soul, Spirit, Body, Mind, Emotions are aligned. We flow. Automated living and living in harmony of your entire being are entirely different feelings. Living in harmony is energising. Living automated is exhausting.

When Know what Matters to you to know you, you open link to your soul and spirit that you never had access to.

For some people this is most comforting and liberating feeling. For others it is most frightening feeling. Knowing what to do with these feeling is key. How to live these feelings in everyday life is key so you actually live what you “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

Watch your family, friendships and work life transform when you actually live by the principles of what matters to you. These feelings come  from the very depths of your being. It’ll soften your heart and vision of the world around you. You become more giving. Most of all, you are more receiving of the world around you. The world around you tells you the truth.

Body De Armouring

Body De Armouring therapies can either empower you or lead you to ritualistic support group.

Here we work on ensuring you embrace your resistance anBody De Armouring is a process of linking your connection to your core elementsd your armour. Armour is your natural defence system. What has happened is that it has been infiltrated where it is actually going against you. Very much like autoimmune disorder where body’s own defence system attacks itself.

Deep research has uncovered body de armouring therapies that focus primarily on self gratification are seriously damaging to spiritual connection to universal wisdom. This universal wisdom is here for you right now. Soon, in anytime between now and just short 10 or 20 years you’ll be going into that cosmos and the point of death. In this sensual search for gratification you’ll foolishly be tempted by some other fake energy in the spirit world. We  are bound for real Spirit World when we leave this world. For this we need reality, not fantasy. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, make the most of this life. Don’t waste it. If you believe in life after death – then respect this life. Because you’ll pay for your actions. Stop the disregard for depths of life.  Some of the most popular sites are promoting absolute ignorance under the name of spirituality. Spirit Energy can be felt physically. But only when allowed to stay full time. Humans are obsessed with genitals as a healing agent because it gives them an excuse to fondle each other under the label of spiritual healing. Nothing more. Best way to control people is to cater to their addictions. You are being controlled and manipulated.

I won’t’ do this to you. I want you to know who you really are.

You miss out on real feelings that are far beyond physical orgasm.

Responsible body de armouring brings all elements together simultaneously.

Self Responsible body de armouring is the only way to heal your past, the now and future.

Once experienced then you are taught how to express this freedom in your life. What stops healing is inability to see future. This requires someone who is aware of this and can hold the space of safety for you. Hold safety space until you can feel safe on your own journey.

Filling the space that has been released is critical. If that space is left to it’s own devices it’ll just attract old patterns that created the imbalance in the first place. Filling this now vacant space with empowering content is the link to reconnecting with your inner core you born to live.

Body De Armouring is specific bodywork that works on the soulular level as well as Spirit, Body, Mind and Emotions.

Approached correctly body de armouring raises your frequencies that provides a direct link to your willpower. Continue reading