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White Tantric Tantra Bodywork

Embark on a Journey of White Tantra Healing: A Holistic Approach to Vibrational Well-being

Welcome to a space where healing goes beyond the realms of traditional Tantric sex therapy. Here, we offer White Tantra Orgasmic Vibrational Healing – a sanctuary for your soul, spirit, and overall well-being. Before you call, it’s crucial to understand that what we provide transcends the limitations of Black or Grey Tantra. Our intention is to guide you on a transformative journey that nurtures your entire being.

One-on-One Vibrational Healing: Commence your healing journey with a personalized One-on-One bodywork, delving into the vibrational energies that have the power to reshape your body’s frequencies. As you experience this transformation, witness the rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit. Our aim is to refresh every aspect of your being, instilling wisdom, balance, and enrichment.

Private Life Coaching and Support: Our offerings extend beyond the healing session. Benefit from private life coaching and support, fostering a deep connection between your soul and body that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Develop the strength, tenderness, and courage needed to navigate your relationship with life effortlessly.

Private Retreats as Follow Up Immersion Therapies available on request: For the sincere seeker, we present Private Retreats as an immersive follow-up to your One-on-One appointment.

Uncover the secrets that have the potential to transform your life, exploring realms that heal even physical injuries. Host a Weekend or week-long retreat and discover the possibilities when working with both the seen and unseen dimensions.

Client Testimonials: Witness the impact of our work through firsthand accounts from clients who have experienced profound shifts. Gain insights into the transformative power of White Tantra healing and understand the depth of life that can be lived when limiting beliefs are dispelled.


Awakening to Real Healing: Take a moment to watch a video where a client shares the significance of their appointment. This video serves as an introduction to the power of real healing and provides deeper insights into what is possible. Eliminate distractions, immerse yourself in the experience, and prepare for an adventure in genuine life healing.

INTIMACY & LOVE with deeper understanding that heal human challenges

To introduce you to the power of real healing; this video takes you to deeper insight to what is actually possible. This will help make sense of the client videos within this site.

Before you assume that this is similar to what you have heard before please listen and then follow our guidance to your ultimate genuine adventure in healing your life.

Best way to introduce you to my work is to have my clients share their experiences. This way you are virtually in the room with us and in the moment of transition.

Preparation for Your White Tantra Experience: Before making that call, it’s crucial to understand that our approach is distinct from traditional Tantric sex therapy. We offer White Tantra, focused on absolute life healing, respecting your beliefs, values, and challenges. Prepare for a journey into the highest level of life awareness by familiarizing yourself with the provided information.

Connect with the Unseen Aspects of Your Life: At the core of our philosophy is the belief that what you don’t know can impact you. Let us guide you to connect with aspects of your life and body that you may currently be unaware of, paving the way for a transformative experience.

Embarking on a journey with us means choosing White Tantra healing that goes beyond the conventional. Prioritize your soul and spirit, break free from limiting beliefs, and step into a realm of absolute life awareness. When you’re ready to explore the depths of healing, we’re here to guide you on this transformative adventure.

Before you call.

  • Before you call we need you to know that Tantric sex therapy is Black or Grey Tantra  You will be safe here because we intend to take care of your soul and spirit as well.
  • What we offer is White Tantra, which is absolute life healing that heals your beliefs, takes care of your values and absolutely respects your challenges you may be facing no matter what they may be.
  • Highest level of life awareness.
  • To prepare for that please read about me.  I did not study with grey tantra or black tantra sex schools. But as you see I researched then thoroughly. Remember; what  you don’t know – will hurt you. For this reason everything on this site is nothing like is what is offered out there.
  • Clearly; we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t hear what we can’t hear. I’ll help you connect with aspects of your life and your body that you are currently totally unaware of.

End Spiritual Suffering

End Spiritual Suffering By Taking Care of Your Body First. Then by helping at least one other person achieve what you have achieved.

In the meantime you continue to expand beyond your five senses. Where most people make End Spiritual Sufferingthe biggest mistake is that they stop at just one level of achievement. it is just like a baby lifting its head and says yep, I’ve lifted my head. I only did you another thing to the rest of my life. In case you find the baby to be retarded. So in reality when you achieve once they stop at that level you are a man of retarded adult. There is a dumbing down of society. I’m sorry to be so blunt. That is what most people have done. Particularly in the line-up tantra.

Therefore to End Spiritual Suffering we need to look at the same way. We are beginning like that newborn is trying to lift its head. as you continue to grow with in the other dimensions as well is physically and mentally and emotionally, you have access to all the knowledge embedded in your cellular memory. Your spirit has embedded programming.

In our upbringing due to immunisation toxic food toxic clothing air and human interactions we lost. Personal development mentor skilled in this area can help you move through this stage of detoxification efficiently.

We put an End Spiritual Suffering when we share with others our personal journey.

Sharing is the highest level of personal growth. Sharing is the highest level of personal satisfaction. When we give and receive tenfold. When we give we are energised. When we give we receive energy rather than lose it.

Mostly, our spiritual suffering as a result of competition and lack of creation within our lives. it is result of division and being manipulated by the system. Whether the system is spiritual of the church will support if we let that affect every aspect of our life and we suffer. In fact many experts professional footballers actors don’t know where their work stops in how to have their personal lives flourish. We hear of most professional sporting people actors musicians of brilliant at what they do. Why, that’s because they put so much time into it. Within condition to put time into our profession. We have gone to school at 10, 12 maybe the 20 years if you got universities. Therefore we been trained to do brilliantly at work or at our profession. But there has been absolutely no time to develop  our life skills in relationships. This is why you hear a lot of the problemsof abuse including sexually abuse in the work environment. Because these are personal relationships that we have not mastered. We’ve chosen to overlook that.

The Only way to End Spiritual Suffering is to begin to be very aware of how we treat our environment. 

by that I mean the air we breathe. Our air is also a spirit. The water we drink is also spirit energy. The food we eat with a with animal plant or milk these carry spirit energies. Everything has a consciousness. We have only divided ourselves from the consciousness of everything that keeps alive. In doing so will also divide ourselves from our partners and families and communities. It is within these are spirit energies. End Spiritual Suffering we do in our volunteer training or in a private retreats as a follow-up to one-on-one appointments. On Going Mentoring to End Spiritual Suffering is adapted to your past history and lifestyle challenges. Then may extend to business Spirit energy mentoring.

When the news tells us about these transgressions we get angry. Why should we be surprised.

To End Spiritual Suffering Right now today we need to begin to talk about it. When we don’t have the skills where all we do is talk about the problem, then we do not create warm caring yet respectful relationships in the workplace. Understand the difference between anger management and healing the source of your anger.

People who have been inappropriately treated need special support. People who are continuing in inappropriate behaviour need special attention to. If you are having special challenges in your behaviour contact me immediately to stop right here right now and help you grow. You can End Spiritual Suffering Right now. Because if you are participating in inappropriate behaviour you are suffering deeply from this association. I’m here to help you.


Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research confirms that there is life after death.

A division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) at University of Virginia Health System. the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences is internationally known for their integrity in investigation of nature of consciousness and its relationship to the physical world.

It’s important we consider where we are going when this life on earth comes to an end. By giving this lifetime meaning. We begin to give new meaning to all relationships. Quality of relationship becomes priority. We stop just filling in time. We begin to value the time we have on earth to live life fully.

When Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research supports spiritual beliefs of reincarnation we prioritise quality of friendships.

We recognise that we have limited time to understand our  place on earth. Everything Mind and Consciousness Scientific Researchwe touch now has different texture. Touch has new depth. We feel what we have never felt before. This new awareness takes us in a completely new direction. Taking new direction does not necessarily mean a new profession. Our profession is like any other tool. When we use that tool differently we can get superior results. But remember on the way, you correct. Using a new tool often begins with trial and error. Or with correction. Why? Because we a aiming for a different outcome. This means we are adjusting our perception as we view the result of our effort. This the becomes our meditation. Meditation means expanding our focus. Meditation as a means to a new reality. It is not an escape from reality that most people experience. When you escape reality you shut yourself off. Shutting ourselves off from consciousness results in stagnation.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research found that these are not just some isolated anomaly. 

We just cannot ignore these findings. Or quarantine them out of you reality. In my work people frequently connect with spirits or souls. Some souls of those who passed on. Others of their living or family and friends. Some with their own soul that caresses them. Indigenous cultures have initiations to connect people to their spirit.  Spirit consciousness gives meaning to all aspects of life including relationships with one another and the environment. We have lost that. We have taken that away from indigenous people. this is why they suffer so much. When our spirit hurts from separation, we hurt. We suffer mentally and physically. They even become aware of the presence of their living friends in the room with us. For some they see them as physical beings. Others reported thinking of that person over and over again while experiencing phenomenal feelings. Still other see their friends supporting them in the session by providing their energy. All this influences my depths of research. Yes on the way I come across fluffy versions of interpretations. Very quickly we know what to identify as ignorance on behalf of the poster. Remember – opinions and beliefs are founded on someone else’s beliefs. Don’t be a follower of someone’s beliefs. Be supporter of validated experiences. Go outside the general social conditioning. 95% of the world in state of amnesia. The other 5% are in state of self exploration and appreciation of neverending expansion into joy of awakening. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research did just that with actual data. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research interviewed children who reported remembering their previous lives. Internet is filled with quick fixes from tantric sex to devoting yourself to a guru. These are sold as stairway to heaven. This attitude perpetuates amnesia of entire human population.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research are rethinking how the brain works.

Our everyday consciousness ankers our brain. Brain conditions mind but it does not generate new ways of living. When we realise this we stop being careless about our physical life. We consider our eternity. We decide to grow into our human kindness. My experiences with my clients led me to do deeper research. If it wasn’t for them I would just believe the status quo. Or would just accept any guru who would manipulate my thoughts to have me follow them. Never be a follower. But be an appreciator of people who offer their skills and wisdom while enhancing your skills and wisdom. University-based leading edge research group is the most devoted exclusively to investigating survival of consciousness after death. One of the books “Evidence of the Afterlife : The Science of Near-Death Experiences” is a good place to begin if you at all serious about knowing. My personal near death experience was also a catalyst to continue searching so you don’t have to wait for your near death experience. Learn from others so you don’t have to go through trauma you are not prepared for. As I dig deeper. I am never disappointed. In my childhood I thought everyone could see. Feel feel what I could. Comprehend what I could. It is a natural ability in all of us. At that age I did not understand how most people were repressed. How they were prevented from accessing that part of themselves. Mos of the world is in state of amnesia. This is create by trauma of being conditioned. By systematic education. By chemical in our food that suppresses our consciousness. By lack of nutrients in our soil. By religious beliefs. By Social and family environment. It took many many years of experiences with my clients to refine my work to where it is now. Im grateful of Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research conducted by credible scientists.

Science of Non-duality.

Now, often I can often connect people to that aspect of wisdom within them in the first session. With the ones who struggle to do so, I set them on a program. Designed to cleanse the embedded toxins that interfere with their ability to connect. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research gives people confidence. It helps validate their suspicions of fake teaches and unaware life coaches.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research gives our suspicions credibility. Gives us strength to step out of the flow. Get of the train that’s locked on it’s tracks and broaden your horizons.


Unravelling Suffering

Unravelling Suffering is Ending of Ignorance. Conditioning keeps us in state of ignoring what is obvious.

There is a spiritual term  “ignorance is bliss”. We all grew up with these mantras. they are running in background of our Consciousness. You know when something is being ignored. But you do not know what to do about it. We live in ignorance of what is obvious. Yet we choose to ignore it. We then experience pain and separation from the truth. Separation from the truth causes Suffering. Suffering is feeling of separation and division. By unravelling suffering we go from ignoring what is closer than any knowledge. Ignoring knowledge is an illness.  Choosing suffering is what every human is conditioned to do.  Ignorance is root of all suffering.Unravelling Suffering

Ignoring limitless truth of self is source of all tragedy in every human being. In a split second there is opportunity to feel the bliss that you have ignored. A place full of grace and elegance. In the moment of no time there is no suffering. You have potential to feel nevana, heaven right here right now. Most of us have felt that at some time in our life. Retreat from fixation of suffering. Enter into spiritual bliss of innocence. Spiritual Bliss is a place of no self judgement. Feel pure innocence of being.

Unravelling Suffering comes from entering into being of the moment.

Not substituting fixation on pleasure or emptiness. It is a place of recognising yourself as totality of being. Entering into place of stillness is where deep healing is accessed. Unravelling Suffering does not mean that we focus on why we suffering. Or ignore suffering.  We are suffering because we have been ignoring that we are suffering. To the degree that you allow yourself to recognise your resistance to bliss is the degree that you are willing to know yourself. Like most people, I began my spiritual path as an escape from the hardness of world. Escape from drama of life. On my way I encountered even more suffering simply because I was more aware of the difference between suffering inner wisdom.

Embrace recognition of ecstasy and wholeness.

Is it safe to let go of resistance to being. Investigate the self. Stop and feel the freshness of simplicity being. Not seeking pleasure to overtake. Become the vibration of ecstacy beyond this world.

Transforming Damaged Cells

Transforming Damaged Cells through Inner Sound Therapy. This vibrational therapy is foundation of Awakening of Infinite Wisdom within your own cells.

Let go of the past by Transforming Damaged Cells. The only way to let go of the past is to get out of the head. Inner Sound Therapy does just that. When this vibration begins, the vibration frees the brain from recirculating thoughts. Our consciousnessTransforming Damaged Cells resonates from the vibrabration of microtubules inside neurons of our brain. These vibrations connect brain processes. The quality of connection and number of connections determine how our brain processes information and intention.

When my clients began to experience regeneration in the first appointment I began to research why my unique ways worked. I’ve heard of quantum physics but never in this context. I’ve always been fascinated with the nature of reality. My family history and childhood determined my destiny in this field. Having incurred numerous physical injuries and emotional, mental abuse while growing up I searched with profound determination.

Let your mind just take this video message in before you form judgement.

Pay attention as you watch. Close all other browsers. Turn off all other devices. Better still move them to another room where possible. Now allow yourself to be present with this powerful revelation.

Here in advanced Transforming Damaged Cells Session I took my student to the beach. His experience is one of  creating new cell signaling. This creates physiological (meaning physical changes) changes. It’s what we feel during the fight or flight response. Turning these feelings into trust rather than fear. Trust suggests that we know what to do. Fear is a level of ignoring our potential.

His experience of Transforming Damaged Cells is in this video. Hear him describe pain & toxins leaving.

Only when we uncover our own truth do we benefit. My role is to support you in recognising where you are during the session. This ensures you don’t fall into the groove of comfortable discomfort. Familiar no matter how dark is often the place we gravitate. For this reason you must have the right mentor who can steer you to a new path. Science refers to this as Neuroplasticity.

This new path is gateway to your soul and soular resonance.

Over time I applied this to my own healing. Transforming Damaged Cells was my personal journey.

If it wasn’t for discovering the power of inner vibration this would never have become a reality. I know there are numerous courses that offer accreditation on vibrational healing. These vibrations are coming by use of instruments, or electrimulation. These are  from outside the human body. My work in Transforming Damaged Cells comes from resonance activated from inside the body. You are actually participating rather than being a passive recipient of sound or pulses.

Transforming Damaged Cells from inner vibrations sets foundation for Self Mastery.

Clients throughout my pages share their feelings. All have been result of inner vibrational resonance. Chakra and Kundalini begin to interact as they participate in Transforming Damaged Cells. It is when the healing of sexual abuse begins. Healing of other trauma and the disconnect. This is empowered process of clearing negative energies.

Every thought is either Transforming Damaged Cells or creating them.

These thoughts are often result of events in our life whether conscious or unconscious. Some may be coming through from past lives that you have come to master in this lifetime. When revising the past we enter into that vibration. Many therapies have been set up for revisiting the past.

In my experience, this only leaves you flat. Humans have been conditioned to immediately go to the bad place. To relive events that are running in the background. This creates a vibration that feels familiar. This is why people are drawn to that. However this does nothing towards Transforming Damaged Cells. It’s similar to advice we have been given for decades; “go to a remote place and scream” they say. Let it out. It’s similar to throwing up. You feel better for a bit but soon nausea comes back. Unless you take the next step. This may be in a form of food, fresh air, rest, bodywork, or just getting outside and connect with nature.

When we connect with nature this sets of vibrations in our own body.

We vibrate in harmony of frequencies  of our environment. Rarely do people vibrate to their own frequencies

In advanced therapies I’ll connect you to your superpower that remains. Initially however you will begin to resonate with the vibrations I link you to. These links shall be the pathways to opening your awareness of vibrational frequencies that heal. Make a time for your awakening to Transforming Damaged Cells. Begin your journey of Awakening your mastery.

When the mind lets go of control

When the mind lets go of control it frees you and itself. The mind is in fear of letting go because it’s afraid of being discarded.

The only thing that happens when the mind lets go of control is that the mind becomes more relevant. This it needs to know before it allows itself to let go. When it lets go your mind realises it’s limitation when trying to control reality. It recognises it’s conditioning and pWhen the mind lets go of controlrogramming to only see truth from the social programming embedded over the years. When the mind lets go of control it recognises freedom of living fully without the restraints. Free to create and life the life you’ve only dreamed of. How often have you looked at a relationship and said “I wish I can have this level of happiness at home”. Or visited a home or seen it in a movie or read a story. And you said to yourself “I’d love to have this level of warmth and abundance and flow in my home.” Have you looked at someone and said to yourself “I’d really love to have a job or a business that is thriving”. This is what you can create  when the mind lets go of control and begins to cooperate with all inner wisdom. You stop living in survival mode and prosper in every area of life.

Some of the benefits when the mind lets go of control.

Your begin to develop healthier relationships. This activates clearing negative energies.

You recognise that you have been brainwashed into submission to comply with social rules that make you bland. This often results in rebellious behavior or into conformity without questioning the source. this questioning sets your mind free. You’ll find courage to leave or heal the relationship or friendships and flourish. To heal a current relationship takes both of you letting go of control. But this can begin with just you. As you begin to live your life fully, this often influences your partner in choosing to join you in self development and self improvement. This makes for s. You’ll begin to grow just like you did as a toddler. Life becomes exciting, filled with exploration of fresh mind. When the mind lets go of control, the fog lifts as you begin to live life from a different perspective.

Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women

Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women is relative to where you are in your life and who you believe yourself to be.

If you are to be the woman you dream you are; we need to remove layers of restrictions that create division within your own psyche. These divisions impact physical, mental and relationship health. At different stages of life in ancient cultures we were  led by priests or High priestesses. These priests and priestess initiated people through their specific stages of life. Some priests and priestesses were born into the lineage or they were discovered. For these priests and priestesses attaining Chakra Kundalini Connection for Womentheir status was not an easy journey. They were tested to ensure their authenticity. When they struggled too much. It became obvious they were not ready for the role. It was not a given just because they participated in the test. They had to transcend each situation. Only the very best succeeded. Study with ancient mystery schools and bring them to current time.

With the health and wealth of the nation of tribe entrusted to the priests and high priestliness. They worked with chakra Kundalini connection for women that is the most sacred ceremony a woman can go through.  This engages higher consciousness. Higher consciousness is essential for clearing negative energies. And enjoying greater success in every aspect of life. Beyond the eternal struggle.

For example woman describing her personal Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women session and what that did for her.

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