Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women

Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women is relative to where you are in your life and who you believe yourself to be.

If you are to be the woman you dream you are; we need to remove layers of restrictions that create division within your own psyche. These divisions impact physical, mental and relationship health. At different stages of life in ancient cultures we were  led by priests or High priestesses. These priests and priestess initiated people through their specific stages of life. Some priests and priestesses were born into the lineage or they were discovered. For these priests and priestesses attaining Chakra Kundalini Connection for Womentheir status was not an easy journey. They were tested to ensure their authenticity. When they struggled too much. It became obvious they were not ready for the role. It was not a given just because they participated in the test. They had to transcend each situation. Only the very best succeeded. Study with ancient mystery schools and bring them to current time.

With the health and wealth of the nation of tribe entrusted to the priests and high priestliness. They worked with chakra Kundalini connection for women that is the most sacred ceremony a woman can go through.  This engages higher consciousness. Higher consciousness is essential for clearing negative energies. And enjoying greater success in every aspect of life. Beyond the eternal struggle.

For example woman describing her personal Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women session and what that did for her.

Foundation of initiation is basic yet the most powerful platform for you to stand upon. This is where therapy of balancing Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women begins for you. I can tell you so much about Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women energy. Then it is just my idea of what that means. You want more than my words.

Reality is that you want to hear from people who have had actual experiences.

How damage occurs and why Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women is essential knowledge you need to have before we continue.

First sexual experience for most women has not been in nurturing or supportive setting. This sets up a let down, disappointment, self judgement even if you do not admit it now. But this continues to run in the background like a computer virus. Or when you broke up with a man with whom you felt deeply connected just a few days, months or years ago. This too leaves an imprint of disconnect. over time you become disassociated and disconnected from these feeling. But they continue to run in the background like a computer virus. For others it thorough physical injuries either through sexual assault or accident or birthing process. This splits you and until you have healing in the area Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women. if you want to feel whole contact me for your personal assessment.

What heals Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women is merging of all elements.

You have a soul body, a spirit body, a physical body, Mental body, emotional body. Often one is  predominant. For example in the mind; being stuck in the head. Some get stuck in emotion; emotions run your life. Others trapped in physical, the physical runs your life. Life is best enjoyed when all are together in harmony. Contact me for your personal assessment while this is fresh in your mind.


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