Physical emotional spiritual mental health

Physical emotional spiritual mental health integrated system in the western approach are divided when in reality they are complete and integrated  system.

Western approach blindly comparnetalises you by separating thoughts from emotions. It divides you. Emotions from our body organs. Spirituality from daily life. Spirituality is seen as something that is only possible when we leave earth plane. Or we engage in spiritually with a guru or a priest.

Physical emotional spiritual mental health is actually your connection to the god part of you within you body organs.

Why are your organs god? Because when one of them fails we are in danger of dying or being really ill. This is why we must treat them like you would treat most revered god. Only when you take care of your own organs can you possibly know what love really is. We take our body for granted. It is made to feel separate from our studies and from all mental conditioning. Much training focusses to ignore body pain and even pleasure. Our spiritual life is expected to be in a separate compartment. This means that we pull our the spiritual aspect from our Physical emotional spiritual mental health. Dissociation follows. It’s almost like pulling out all the oxygen out of the room and putting you on life support of onto an oxygen tank.

The spiritual part of you is the oxygen to Physical emotional spiritual mental health package.

This video shares how you can become a master not just a spectator in you life. One man’s story. He is one of many featured throughout this website. Everyone has their own element that needs to be reconnected that gives all energy systems life.

We need to recognise that it is the spirit of all our organs that moves us. What links them in a form of consciousness you or the medical profession does not take into account. Every Physical emotional spiritual mental health aspect has their own vibration. For example, your liver vibrates differently to you kidney. This is how scanning equipment identifies strength of your vital functions. Despite all evidence, medicine does not take that into account when dealing with the patient.

Each emotion has its own vibration and is connected to a specific organ.

This organ is then affected by the emotional vibration and responds either in a health giving way, or it suffers. When we study health and the environment healthy body needs we can find answer to Physical emotional spiritual mental health. When we study disease, we separate that organ, thought, feeling, emotion or body part. This separation causes dissociation.Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements

Because this is a tantra site we must include the sex organs. Sex organs also have access to wisdom of cells. Wisdom of cells connect soul body with physical body. Most tantra separates the sex organ and claims to connect it to the heart or another person. This in itself is a violation of Physical emotional spiritual mental health.

All your organs interact simultaneously. When one function is reduced it needs to have opportunity to connect more with the other organs. The frequency that links them could be the issue. If a pond does not have access to moving water it stagnates. It is the same with your Physical emotional spiritual mental health. The links can be the issue.

Our system defence is  made up of  our nervous system, our endocrine system. Our bones, ligaments and muscles need to  have interaction that are smoothe. Our digestive system is part of Physical emotional spiritual mental health.

Ongoing research is uncovering the ancient wisdom that has kept humans  healthy before they became disconnected from the very planet that sustains them. Reality is that it takes 20 years to update the literature used for training even in current digital times.

Our bodies give us immediate feedback when Physical emotional spiritual mental health lose connection.

Many people  shut 99% of their feelings off, simply due to not knowing about the range of feelings we are capable of. So we pretend they are not there. Whether you choose to acknowledge them or not, they are there. You feelings are much like the state of your home or office. You may have dust everywhere. It may be in places that cannot be seen. That does not mean you will not suffer from asthma as a result. Just because you choose to pretend it is not there or dust is not important, does not mean it is not affecting you. You do not need to analyze the dust. You do not even need to measure it. Just be aware that it is interfering with the quality of your environment. if it does not appear to affecting you, it may be the beginning of  some disease. Chemical sprays on our food are the same concept. They may not appear to be causing damage for decades. The accumulation of the chemicals eventually affect out bones, skin and even our mental status.

By pretending these do not link to Physical emotional spiritual mental health does not mean you are not affected. Physical emotional spiritual mental health affect your intimate relationships.

Emotions can be reactions or signals. They can be a cleansing or rebuilding of energies. They can be a signal that unwanted or unhealthy minds are de-stabilising our life. Feelings of being repressed and suppressed aren’t always identifiable. This is because we have not been made aware of our range of opportunities. Humans smoke, take prescription drugs. Have processed foods and treated water. Air pollution, and noise pollution shut down our links to Physical emotional spiritual mental health connections.

I often hear people say, “but I’m OK”. Ok is a poor state of being. Accepting generic way of surviving without ever exploring every opportunity is as close to incarceration as you can get. Most people live in a self imposed cage or prison. They identify with the limitation imposed upon them simply because they are not aware of the completeness that all of Physical emotional spiritual mental health connection offers.

Our culture has us pretend that we have no knowledge of our systems. We are conditioned to seek from just one source. Culturally we tend to go from one idea to the other. On the way discarding the one that we left. The whole system of healing and awareness can only be achieved by linking where you come from to where you want to be. Not discard where you have been. In the process of linking; transformation or alchemy occurs.

Why?  you say. Everyone says you need to let go. If you are letting go from the mindset that created it, you are not letting go. You are bullying. Making things worse. It is then that you need to let your own Physical emotional spiritual mental health DNA wisdom be heard. It will be heard and understood in the range of frequency, not the intellect. Your inner intelligence has not been contaminated. It has been buried. No one can take away the original imprints of inner knowing. They can only blind you until you declare that is enough interference and control.

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