Awakening Human Perceptions

Awakening Human Perceptions your and  field of consciousness. Love & journey beyond illusion to world of harmony & liberation.

Awakening Human PerceptionsTechnology is now invading our lives even in our bedroom activities. You are instructed through sex techniques as your stairway to heaven.

  • All this is coming through programming by someone else.
  • In awakening human perception you begin with growing and giving.
  • The average person is not doing what they really want to do.
  • Most people are in relationships that have hit a plateau and are suffering through each day.

The greatest challenge in any relationship is Awakening Human

Perceptions as key to deciding to live a better life no matter what.

What most people begin by modelling the world. When you really look at the world honestly you’ll find most people are seeking to be loved, to feel significant. Most people are seeking to be heard. Clearly the awakening of human perceptions begins by deciding to do the very opposite of what the average person does out of habit.

People are living in a false world where people are staying in the certainty of sameness.

Sameness is the trap. Sameness is the draining of life force that takes you away from growing into the spirit of the person you want to be. Awakening Human Perceptions is the driving force to living the life you love. To get what you really want you need to be able to measure the impact of living life on your terms. How to make that real. The ability to manifest what you want to create.

The hidden truth is in that space in between, the space where we meet one another.

Men and women have lost the intensity of self empowerment simply because the connection to the natural law that the indigenous cultures have passed on to their tribe has now been eroded.

Lets take a critical look at what’s missing in our lives right here right now. Why we have become susceptible to suggestions and false gods.  People all over the world are claiming to be your gods and goddesses, and actually believing they are. What is going on.  Is new age a new religion that’s sweeping the world.

Awakening Human Perceptions is where we take a good look at ourselves and how we are creating this false reality. More to come; in the meantime have a listen to people reconnecting to their inner feelings and understanding of how their life works.

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